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Designer Tips on How to Host an Outdoor Thanksgiving

NOVEMBER 3, 2021
Photo credit: San Diego Home & Garden

The fall season often brings on warm thoughts and cozy vibes – think bundling up next to a blazing fire, sipping spiked cider, and feeling grateful for fun times with family & friends. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for all the above and combines three of our favorite elements – design, entertaining, and, of course, incredible food. If you’re on hosting duty, why not consider moving the celebration outdoors? If you live in an area where snow flurries aren’t an issue, this is the perfect time to change up the scenery and take in the fall foliage with loved ones. We’re here to help co-host from afar with designer tips for an outdoor holiday that’s not only a feast for the eyes, but a memorable occasion for your guests.   

Set The Mood (and the table)

Create a festive atmosphere with a well-designed dining table for guests to gather round. Pick out your table settings and layer in décor elements like seasonal florals and lighting to fit the scene. In our opinion, the more lighting, the better – especially since you’ll be outside when the sun is setting. Try different sized candles & candle holders at varying heights to create visual interest and set the mood. If you’re looking for an additional glow off the table, try outdoor lanterns with faux candles for extra illumination.


1. Ceramic Taper Candle Holder  2. Dual Taper Candle Holder  3. Fancy Taper Candles  4. Amber Votives  5. Brass Lantern  6. Dome-Top Lantern 


Think Warm Thoughts

Keep guests cozy, and happy, with some additional ways to stay warm outside. Try draping blankets over the backs of your dining chairs for a stylish and easy-to-grab option if the temperature dips. For an after-dinner activity, set up some outdoor-friendly chairs next to a chic fire pit for guests to lounge by as they enjoy a night cap, and perhaps a second slice of pumpkin pie.


1. Farmhouse Plaid Throw  2. Matisse Throw  3. New Zealand Sheepskin  4. Concrete Fire Pit  5. Low Profile Rustic Fire Pit  6. Eucalyptus Folding Chair


Get Creative

Between setting up, cooking, and catering to your loved ones, it can be exhausting to play host. Limit the back and forth between the kitchen and your outdoor dining area with a portable picnic caddy for a creative way to carry everything to and from the table. As another option, you can use an indoor bar cart that doubles as an outdoor station for guests to help themselves to drinks.


1. Antique Gold Bar Cart  2. Picnic Caddy  3. Matte Gold Bottle Opener  4. Glacier Crystal Ice Bucket  5. Shatterproof Wine Glasses  6. Cane Pitcher


Want to collaborate with an interior designer on the big day? We have tons of ideas


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