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6 Signs Your Room Needs a Makeover

JANUARY 2, 2019

Do you need to redecorate? Or will your existing furnishings suffice? Do you need to hire a professional interior designer? Or can you make do? Depending on the state of your space, and your life, it may be time for a room makeover. Read on for six signs your space needs a professional redesign.


1.  Clutter has taken over.

A cluttered home can actually induce stress and anxiety, not to mention impede your efficiency if you have trouble finding the items you need to use day in and out. An organized home, however, can keep your spirits high and streamline your life, so you are on time wherever you need to be! Be it your bedroom, your kitchen, or your office, if any room in your home is cluttered, it may be time for a room makeover. An interior designer can help you make the most of your existing furniture and decor pieces and find the right storage pieces for your needs.


2. It’s too bright or too dim.

In addition to designing beautiful spaces, interior designers are trained to design for function. Whether you need a bright office where you can work from home, a well-lit kitchen where you can cook safely, or a dim nursery where your newborn can rest, an interior designer can create a personalized lighting plan, which includes a mix of task, accent, and ambient lighting options, as well as effective window treatments, to suit every occasion.


3. You’re hankering for seating.

The next time a guest of yours takes a seat on the floor, or you downgrade a dinner party from six guests to four, take a look around. Do you have enough seating and tabletop space for your needs? You may need a dining table with leaves or side tables that double as stools in a pinch. If you have a large family or love to entertain, an interior designer can help you strategize and select the right furniture to host a crowd.


4. Your rugs don’t cover your floors.

A tell-tale sign that you may need a little design assistance is if your area rugs don’t actually cover up your floors, particularly if they're smaller than your sofas or tables. Choosing the right sized rug for your room is not very intuitive (so don’t feel bad if things look off), but with the help of interior designer, the right sized rug can make your room look much larger than it is. A few simple changes to accents like rugs and lighting can have a dramatic impact on your space.


5. You’ve had a major life change.

If your +1 is moving in, you’re expecting, you’ve started to work from home, or you’ve had another major life change recently, it may be time to rethink how you’ve furnished your space. An interior designer can help you rearrange your existing pieces, design a bedroom that suits both you and your better half’s personal styles, or design a new space completely from scratch.


6. Things are looking too eclectic.

If you don’t have a design plan from the beginning, it’s easy for things to start to look too “eclectic.” If your personal style has changed over the years, or you’ve inherited hand-me-downs or heirlooms, despite how lovely your furniture and decor may be, it may just be that some pieces simply don’t go together. An interior designer will help you edit what you have and even find a use for pieces in other rooms in your home.

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