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How Our Designers are Elevating Their Work From Home Spaces

APRIL 29, 2021
Photo credit: Nicole Hollis Design

While working from home has become the new normal for many of us, chances are good that this change in routine is here to stay (at least for a little while longer).  How can you make your WFH feel more intentional and less like you’ve carved out space on the dining room table?  Here are our designer tips for creating a space that will inspire creativity and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

Stick to your design personality

Photo credit: Josh Young photographed by Maryn

Approach designing your home office the way you approach designing the rest of your home.  Love Mid-Century?  Try a Mid-Century inspired desk chair in neutral upholstery that is both comfortable and stylish.  Have a thing for ceramics?  Add pretty pottery to tie your workspace into the rest of your aesthetic.  Your work-from-home space should be an extension of your living area so look for pieces that make it feel warmer and comfortable.


Add good lighting

Photo credit: Deco Vrir Design

Good lighting makes all the difference in both your mood and your productivity.  If you can find an area of your home with great natural light that’s wonderful, otherwise create your own light with a table lamp, a floor lamp or both.  If you have a dedicated work-from-home area, consider a modern take on the classic Japanese chochin lantern for some added drama.


Be inspired

Photo credit: Colin King

Set the mood and illuminate those bright ideas by turning on some music, burning a candle in a favorite scent or adding a vase to your work space with fresh flowers or clippings to ignite your creative energy.  When considering styling your home, don’t forget that we tend to work better and more efficiently in an environment that feeds our aesthetics.  Art is another great way to add color and personality to your space.  Try ordering a large-scale print of your favorite photo or opt for something quieter in a monochromatic color palette that won’t compete with your style.


Stay focused

Photo credit: Architectural Digest

Clutter can add too much visual stimulation and distract you from getting work done.  Strike a balance between a curated space with pieces that have meaning and a tidy, organized desktop for a calming, inspiring WFH.  Lidded boxes and bins keep paperwork organized while a beautiful tray can corral pens, notebooks and other odds and ends. 


Forgo the typical office furniture

Photo credit: Ashe + Leandro for Architectural Digest

One of the most important lessons in designing an inspiring work-from-home space is to make sure it doesn’t feel too much like an office.  Instead of purchasing the standard office chair or desk, look at ways to creatively repurpose other furniture pieces from the living room or dining room.  That way your workspace blends seamlessly with your other living areas.  If you have the space, a dining table makes a beautiful desk and an armchair is an elegant alternative to office furniture.  A timeless rug, a potted plant and some artwork are all you need to elevate it.


Make it work

Photo credit: Colin King

Infuse your space with practical solutions and tons of personality.  We suggest adding bookshelves or hanging shelves to make the most of your vertical space.  Our designers love a good mood board so consider adding a cork board for pinning your current inspiration.  For highly visual people, mood boards or pin boards are a wonderful outlet for creativity.  The workspace should be a balance of utility and style so make sure the pieces you select marry the functional with the decorative. 


Need more inspiration?  Start a design project with one of our designers today who can help you create the work-from-home space of your dreams.


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