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Tour a Seattle Home by Celebrity Designer Brian Paquette

MARCH 11, 2018
Photo credit: Haris Kenjar

We could not be more excited to announce that Brian Paquette is back taking on a limited number of Decorist celebrity design projects. With a signature style that reflects the tradition of his Rhode Island upbringing mixed with the earthiness of the Pacific Northwest (the place he calls home), Brian is well-known for his synthesis of genres and places high value on the personal and unique. His projects span from Seattle to New York City, to British Columbia, Los Angeles and beyond with features in an impressive array of design magazines such as Architectural Digest, Dwell, Luxe Magazine, just to name a few. And in addition to his interior design firm, Brian recently opened a beautiful shop in downtown Seattle called Brian Paquette at Home where he sells furniture, textiles and home décor. 

Today Brian is giving us an exclusive look at his latest project, a Seattle home in a converted firehouse. It marries comfort and luxury with a bit of industrial style, and it's truly a stunner. Of course, if you like what you see, you can tap him to design a room of your own. But hurry—hire him now while you can!

What a beautiful project! Can you tell us where this home is located and a bit about the space?

The project is in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle and is in a converted Firehouse. The building was converted in the 90’s and is on the historical registry. This unit in particular is actually two units that were made into one a few years before our client purchased it. The space is two floors...the downstairs being very open and flowing from one space to the next, the upstairs contains the master bedroom, two small bath rooms and an office with decks off both the master and the office.

What inspired your design?

The brick and the architecture and layout really informed a lot for us at the start. It reminded me of something Thomas O’Brien would have worked on back in the 90’s in the East Village and I wanted to somewhat channel that vibe. I little bit industrial, a little bit luxe and 100% comfortable.

What's your favorite thing about the home?

That’s a hard one...I love when there is room for a true entry and this one packs a punch. The vintage, de-silvered mirror was there and we lowered it. That, paired with the beautiful console, thoughtful lighting and great art might be my favorite place in the house...the Saarinen table just beyond that has been coined the “cereal table” because it is where the client eats breakfast on the weekends while watching the tv.

What is your go to for sourcing? Did you source product from your new shop? And can you tell us a little bit about your shop?

My go to for sourcing is the friends we work with on all of our projects. We have built some really great relationships with our manufactures and artisans over the years and this allows us to customize everything in the space to meet our clients needs. A lot of the accessories in the project are indeed from our brick and mortar shop. We have curated a great mix of things we love from all over the globe and love introducing our clients and shop goers to these makers. We recently expanded the shop and its three times the size, giving us an opportunity to add even more of our favorite things. I encourage anyone to come visit and enjoy Brian Paquette at Home.

What was your biggest challenge in this project and how did you address it?

The biggest challenge with any open floor plan is how to somewhat marry each of the spaces but also separate them enough so they maintain somewhat of an individual vibe.

The home is rather monochromatic. What was the inspiration for the color palette?

The client wanted a very monochromatic home to let the architecture speak. We played with texture to give interest and comfort. Gray wool suiting fabric for the sectional is paired with barely green leather, brown suede and my favorite fabric from Glant, a seattle textile company.

As you can see, Brian's work is gorgeous. If you want him to design a room in your home, then hire him today!


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