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Home Office Ideas: 7 Tips for Creating Your Perfect Work Space

AUGUST 22, 2015
Photo credit: Decorist

We've had many customers come to us asking for home office interior design help and for ideas on how to create a space that's both stylish and functional. Specifically, home office decorating ideas that feel more "home" than traditional office, while still creating a productive and practical workspace. Here's a few tips from our Decorist designers on how to easily and affordably bring form, function and fun to your home office space.


Home Office Decorating Ideas | Office Furniture

Image via Houzz


1. Don't limit yourself to "official" office furniture. 

We love dining tables as desks. They offer a more substantial workspace where you can easily spread out your work stuff. The Strut Table from BluDot is a Decorist favorite (in fact, our Head of Design Services, Ashley, chose this table for her new office). Similarly, a comfortable, stylish dining chair, like this Eames-inspired sculptural chair from World Market works great at a desk. Drape a sheepskin throw (this one, from ATGStores, is our go to) for extra comfort and warmth.


Home Office Decorating Ideas | Wall Paint Ideas

Image via Pinterest


2. Paint can be decorative and functional. 

Consider doing one wall in whiteboard or chalkboard paint—it's a permanent (and green!) way to house your ideas and to-do lists.


Home Office Decorating Ideas | Rug Ideas

Image via Pinterest


3. Add a personality rug. 

A rug is a great way to add color and texture to an office. We love spaces where the pop of color and personality is on the floor. It's also a great way to pull the whole room together. This Charm Wool Rug from West Elm is a favorite.


Home Office Decorating Ideas | Lighting Ideas

Image via Pinterest


4. Light it up! 

Lighting can make all the difference in an office, both aesthetically and functionally (who's productive working in the dark?). We recommend overhead lighting, as well as table or standing lamp. We recently installed this incredibly well-priced brass lotus pendant light from World Market in our new Decorist office. Gorgeous, isn't it? We're also all coveting this chic black and brass task lamp from Rejuvenation (twin shades means extra light).


Home Office Decorating Ideas | Storage Ideas

Image via Pinterest


5. Think outside the filing cabinet for storage.

Floating shelves are an efficient way to house items you need close at hand, without sacrificing valuable floor space. Plus, they add interest and warmth to an otherwise plain wall. Consider using a credenza to tuck away office supplies and files, stylishly. 


Home Office Decorating Ideas | Office Plants

Image via Pinterest


6. Bring the outside in

Every office (and desk!) needs at least one plant—they're proven productivity boosters. They reduce stress, improve air quality, and also increase focus and efficiency. Who knew! We love a simple succulent, or a larger plant in a decorative planter


Home Office Decorating Ideas | Personal Touches

Image via Houzz


7. Make it personal.

If there's one thing our designers all agree on, it's that your home office needs to reflect you and your style. Add personal touches—a special item you love, something you found while on vacation, a vintage find. Anything that makes your space feel uniquely yours.


So now you have 'em! 7 tips to bring style and functionality to your home office space. Need even more help? Let us help you start your home office design project  today.

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