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Home Lighting Ideas

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Home Lighting Ideas

One of the aspects of decorating a home that people struggle with most is putting in the proper amount and type of lighting.  If lighting is not correct, it can make an otherwise-gorgeous design look, well, not quite right.  If lighting is properly designed into, it can spruce up a room and an entire home with an ambience that’s hard to forget.  Basically, good lighting makes up for a lot of mistakes while poor lighting can bring an entire look down.  That’s why people who decide to do some home lighting work need to be sure that they’re hitting the target.  Below are a few lighting ideas that could help you change the entire look of your home for the better.


Too Much of a Good Thing

Most if not all of us remember at least one time when we walked into a room or a home and it was simply too bright.  We felt as though we were being spotlighted and it was basically an uncomfortable feeling.  What else do you remember about that room or home that was too bright?  Probably not much, because that’s the type of thing that can overwhelm someone’s senses.  Home lighting needs to strike the proper balance.  That doesn’t mean that a home or room should be too dark, as that also affects people in a negative way, but be careful not to go overboard with the amount of light in a space.


It Starts With a Foundation

As is the case with just about anything we build, home lighting starts with a foundation.  As such, any lighting ideas should include that foundation.  Generally speaking, this can be achieved with some nice, soft ambient light that fills the room but isn’t necessarily enough to light the area up on its own.  When you do this, you can add to it with other lighting ideas that bring complexity and sophistication to everything that someone will see.  It’s this type of a subtle touch that creates an extremely positive impression and one that people will remember.


Get Creative With Lampshades

So how do people tend to build on that foundation with their home lighting?  One common method is to use lamps.  Lamps come in just about every shape and size, and you can usually find lamps that will work with any room.  If you really want to add some pizazz to a space, get creative with some colorful lampshades that provide different lighting and a whole different vibe to a room.  You can even change those lampshades from time to time if you want to add some variety to a living room, office, den or study. 


Work with Decorist

Need a little design help with lighting? Work with one of our interior designers to transform your home, including lighting to set off the design. Any one of our 400+ designers can work within your style and budget to give you the room you've always wanted. Start a project today!

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