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Home Design Trends

JULY 20, 2016

The Latest American Home Design Trends – First Quarter of 2016

The American Institute of Architects, or AIA, may not be an organization that one thinks of when starting an interior decorating project.  However, the AIA studies several different types of trends and statistics that are relevant to the interior design industry.  That’s because what goes inside a home in the United States is at least partially related to how those homes are being designed and built.  The AIA recently released its report on the first quarter of 2016 regarding home design trends in the United States.  Below you’ll find some information regarding how people are doing things with their homes across the country.  Hopefully this information will provide some context for those who are thinking of making some changes to their home interiors.


Home Size – Things Are Getting Bigger

Despite the trend relating to micro-apartments, the AIA reports that its member firms saw an increase in the size of the homes that they designed during the first three months of 2016.  This increase was found both in terms of square footage and in volume.  21 percent of firms saw an increase in designing larger homes defined by square footage during the first quarter of 2016, and 31 percent saw an increase in designs for larger volume.  Both of those numbers are higher than at any point during the previous five years.


Accessibility/Informality – A Consistently Prevalent Characteristic

The report goes on to state that the following percentages of firms in the AIA reported that accessibility/informality priority in a home remained largely consistent in the first quarter of 2016.  Those percentages of firms reporting that this was an important characteristic in their work are as follows:

  • In-home accessibility – 64 percent

  • Informal space – 55 percent

  • Open space layout – 53 percent

  • Access in/out of home – 49 percent

  • Single-floor design – 47 percent


Home Exteriors – Still Growing in Prevalence

Based on the percentage of AIA firms that reported an emphasis on outdoor improvements with regards to their work, it seems that Americans continue to have a strong interest in improving the exterior of their homes.  The following percentages of firms reported a lot of work being requested for the following characteristics:

  • Outdoor living space -  69 percent

  • Blended indoor/outdoor – 61 percent

  • Exterior/security lighting – 34 percent

  • Outbuildings – 29 percent

  • Outdoor features – 20 percent


A link to the full AIA quarterly report can be found here


What This Means for Interior Decorating

Anyone who reviews this report will most likely see some familiar trends in relation to what they may be thinking about their own homes.  If you are considering any design projects, you should also be ready to decorate those new spaces.  When you work with Decorist, you will be able to do so efficiently, affordably and with the dedicated help of an experienced professional.  

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