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These 7 Home Decor Trends Will Be Huge in 2019

JANUARY 7, 2019
Photo credit: Sean Litchfield

Another year, another opportunity to make your home as stylish as can be! We're constantly seeing new trends come and go in interior design, but which ones will have staying power and hold our attention? Decorist Creative Director Jessica McCarthy is here to spotlight some of her favorite home décor trends for 2019. From chic colors that are easy to use anywhere to attention-grabbing patterns to new ways to think about plants, these seven decor trends are your ticket to a chic and sophisticated home.


1. Large-Scale Pattern

You know what they say... bigger is better. This year, you can expect to see bold and graphic large-scale prints used in wallpaper, murals, and fabric adding major drama to spaces indoors and out. Don't get us wrong, we love a delicate small-scale print, too, but there's something about large-scale patterns that just says, "Hello, I'm here!" and offers real statement-making pizzazz. This home decor trend is not for wallflowers, so if you find yourself feeling shy about going big, consider dipping your toe in the water with a classic geometric pattern like stripes or buffalo check.

2. Structured Greenery

Photo credit: Shelly Guberek

The Jungalow style is still strong in 2019 but we're seeing indoor plants styled in a much more refined way. Expect to see a look that's less bohemian and more structured than before. Tap into this home décor trend by sprinkling a few, easy-to-care-for indoor plants here and there and bring the outdoors in. Better yet, indoor plants can reduce levels of carbon dioxide, pollutants, and airborne dust in your home. If you're not a green thumb, consider hardy, low-maintenance plant varietals like philodendrons, Devil's ivy, snake plants, rubber plants, dracaena, and bromeliads.


3. Whimsical, Unexpected Décor

Photo credit: Carla Choy

Keep your eyes on the surprise. Décor pieces with an unexpected sense of whimsy, that don't take design too seriously, are one of our favorite home décor trends of 2019. We're spotting everything from neon signs to classic art pieces reinvented, and we can't wait to see how designers and homeowners everywhere continue to bring us an element of surprise and delight. Want to try this home décor trend at home? Look for oddball finds at flea markets and antique shops, or try reimagining or using existing pieces in unexpected ways.


4. Velvet on Velvet

Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

Velvet was a popular home décor trend in 2018 but this year we are seeing velvet used multiple times throughout the same space. Consider trying velvet pillows on a velvet sofa, velvet drapes with velvet furniture, or even velvet upholstery with velvet piping in a different hue. This luxurious and durable fabric can suit formal and casual spaces alike—you can even find performance velvets if you've got a house full of kids or pets!


5. The Color Coral

Photo credit: Seth Caplan

Pantone recently named "Living Coral" the color of 2019, and we have to say, we love the bright and happy impact it makes when used even in the smallest touches. This trend is one you're guaranteed to see this year, especially since it's a color that complements practically everything. I love the idea of painting a side table in high-gloss coral, coating a jewel-box powder room in the color, or adding fun pops of coral to a room with small accessories like a ceramic vase, a cozy throw, or a decorative pillow.


6. Saturated Spaces

Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

We have been seeing all-white rooms with touches of color for the past few years, but 2019 is all about dark, highly saturated rooms—black rooms in particular. White walls, of course, have staying power, but we love the cozy, cavernous vibe a couple coats of black paint can create. If you want to go for this home décor trend, we highly advise testing a handful of shades of black paints on your walls before committing, as different black paints can have purple, blue, green, and even yellow undertones. A small or medium-sized room makes a great place for a highly saturated space.


7. Verdant Hues

Photo credit: Shelly Guberek

In addition to seeing interiors "going green" with indoor plants, we're also seeing verdant hues take over everywhere from upholstery to paint to accents. This home décor color trend is easy to adopt, and the receding shade can instill a sense of calmness into any interior. Get started with a grassy linen armchair, sage green kitchen cabinets, or a hunter green velvet throw pillow, and say hello to a stylish new year.


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