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6 Hallway Decorating Ideas to Kick It Up a Notch

MARCH 31, 2021
Photo credit: Domino

Your hallway is most likely not your top decorating priority, and thus, naturally, it's often overlooked. However, there are countless impactful decorating techniques you can try in that long, narrow space to make the journey from room to room all the more enjoyable. From statement-making wallpaper to eye-catching flooring to seating that serves, you can create both beauty and function by designing your hallway thoughtfully. Read on for a few of our favorite hallway decorating ideas.


The Gallery Hall

Hallway Gallery Wall

Photo credit: Vogue Living

Want a hallway that steals the scene? Create a gallery wall on all visible walls (ceiling excluded) by hanging artwork and mirrors of all shapes and sizes. We love creating a focal point using a chic round mirror, like this option from Bed Bath & Beyond. You can make the space even more attention-grabbing by painting the walls a vivid color and laying down a runner, like this patterned style by Surya. Don't worry about having the fanciest artwork—even with flea market finds and hand-me-downs, the sum of the parts will always look fabulous!


Lighten Up With an Oversize Mirror

Hallway With Oversize Mirror

Photo credit: Design via John Minshaw, via House & Garden

You can instantly create a dramatic impact and make your hallway feel larger by leaning an oversize mirror along one of your two walls. Shop flea markets or antique shops for mirrors with intricate moldings for added interest, or if your home leans more modern, look for a frameless mirror for a sleeker look. If you're looking to splurge, we're really into Anthropologie's antique-feel floor mirror. Get the look for less with World Market's sleek and simple style, that's equally chic. Added bonus: you'll always have a place to do a final outfit check as you're running out the door.


Create Storage With a Console

Photo credit: Brittany Ambridge via Domino

Whether the hallway up for discussion is in your front entryway or it's located on the second floor of your house, it's always useful to have a surface in your hallway that you can place your keys or your purse, or other personal items that come in go. So we advise setting up a console table, styled with accessories and a mirror or a piece of art as a "stash pad" of sorts. This streamlined style by Lulu & Georgia is simple yet elegant, while the Quincy console from Anthropologie provides space for storage with drawers. 


Anchor the Space With an Elegant Runner

Photo credit: Homes to Love

An elegant runner is a must-have for every hallway. Pay a visit to your local rug dealer or browse a great online retailer like One Kings Lane or Bed Bath & Beyond to source the perfect rug for your space. You'll want something with an interesting pattern, such as a Persian or Oriental rug, as well as something with a subtle palette that grounds the space but isn't overly attention-grabbing. Choose something that you can own for years to come, even as you update your design over time.


Pull Up a Couple of Chairs

Photo credit: Anson Smart

If your hallway is wider than average, take advantage of your extra square footage and create a mini seating area with a pair of chairs and a small stool. This arm chair from World Market works great on it's own or in a pair. You can even add seating to a narrow hallway by bringing in a narrow bench, like this upholstered style. Simply throw a couple of pattern throw pillows on top to complete the look.


Install a Statement Wallpaper

Photo credit: Trevor Tondro for House Beautiful

If you own your home or have a lenient landlord, one of the easiest and most fun ways to transform a hallway is to install a statement wallpaper. Small spaces, in general, like hallways or powder rooms are great candidates for wallpaper as they can have a sort of jewel-box effect when covered in an interesting pattern. This textured Peony wallpaper adds the perfect amount of interest to any small space. If you can't install a traditional wallpaper, you can also use removable wallpaper that's easy to uninstall when you move. We love Hygge & West's line of removable wallpaper that comes in a variety of patterns and hues that are easy to peel and stick. You can accessory further, with a small table, chair, chandelier, or mirror, but sometimes a bold wallpaper is all you need.


Need help designing your hallway? Pop over to our Design Bar for quick + easy —and FREE — design advice. Happy decorating!


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