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15 Graduation Gifts Perfect for Home or Dorm

JUNE 7, 2017
Photo credit: Ellie Lillstrom

It's the season for graduations, parties and gift giving. We know finding the right gift for a newly minted grad can be tricky. However, with most going off to college or getting their first apartment there are many things needed to help make that transition go smoothly. And, of course, leaning towards something fun, stylish but useful is generally a safe (and welcome) way to go.

Today we asked Decorist Elite designer, Jessica McCarthy, who has her pulse on what millennials need—and want—to make their new space feel like home. Below is her curated collection of gift ideas that any grad would love!

Modern Dinnerware


Stock their kitchen cabinets with these sleek, modern dishes. They're as practical as they are stylish... and they also come in Millennial Pink!



Towel Set

Fresh towels are always needed and these white and gray ones pop with the coral colored border. They're still neutral enough to work in most bathroom settings.



Butterfly Chair

The butterfly chair is iconic and with the compact size and weight, it's an easy addition to most dorm rooms or small apartments.  And the leather factor makes it extra cool!




Get them started on some essential life skill with this helpful cookbook full of easy recipes. It’ll definitely help save money instead of the usual carryout. 




Marble is on trend and everywhere these days from iphone covers, to laptop cases, to furniture and now how fun to have it on the bed, too!



Retro Turntable

Break the ice and get the party going with a cool retro-looking record player. 



French Press

For the coffee loving grad, this gift will come in handy for those early mornings as well as those late night study sessions.



Stoneware Mugs


To go along with all the coffee and tea consumed, make sure they have plenty of mugs. These mixed and matched off-white ones are fresh and eclectic looking.




Doing laundry maybe a new experience so having a stylish hamper may make the chore seem more attractive—at least initially!



Le Creuset

For the grad moving into a new house or apartment, the le creuset is a practical gift that even looks impressive sitting out on the stove.




What college student or grad doesn't love a good tapestry? This vivid cactus scene is fun and fresh and works in many different spaces.



Mini Fridge

An essential for any dorm room and so why not do it in style with the retro Smeg mini fridge! It is cute and will last forever. 



Cowhide Rug

Ironically cowhides are totally resilient and clean easily. They work in all different shaped rooms and can be used alone or layered on top of another rug. Needless to say, they add a little funk and coolness to any space.





If you're grad is moving into a new house or an apartment a sofa is key.  A neutral one will fit with almost any color palette and over time it's easy to add or switch pillows and throws.



Hanging Planter


Plants are a simple and inexpensive way to breathe life and add some color into a sterile dorm room or new apartment. 

Of course, if your new grad needs help pulling it all together, then give the gift of Decorist! It's a fun, easy and interactive way to decorate and pull a space together. Hats off to the class of 2017!





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