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6 Designer Tips to Create a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table

NOVEMBER 25, 2019
Photo credit: Elle Decor

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we're thinking about turkey, football and time with loved ones. If you're hosting this holiday, we're to give you some gorgeous inspiration for your table setting and how to decorate for the occasion. Pulling together a stylish table with a creative or unique centerpiece can be challenging. Your table should be inviting but, maintain a certain wow-factor without overwhelming your guests.

So who better to help you then one of our talented and trusted Elite Designers, Katy Byrne. We've asked Katy for six noteworthy tips you'll be thankful for this holiday. 

1. Switch Up the Color Scheme

Just because it’s Thanksgiving does not mean you are married to an autumn color palate. If you want a more modern look try black and gold accents which can add quite a bit of depth and interest to your table. It looks classy and sophisticated while still being festive.


2. Mix and Match Patterns

I like to mix and match my dishes to give my table a more eclectic look. Try using your traditional china juxtaposed with your more modern pieces. It will spice things up and make your table look more unique.


3. Utilize Unique Place Cards

I always love including a personal element in a table scape, and place cards are such a fun way to make people feel special.  The more unusual, the better.


4. Create A Fun Centerpiece 

Pumpkins are easily accessible at any grocery store and look great layered together in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  Use different varietals such as heirlooms, gourds, winter squash and add a mix to go with it.


5. Embrace Metallic Accents

Something as simple as a can of spray paint or adding a touch of gold leaf can make those pumpkins look designer. Don’t be afraid to be creative and do a little DIY'ing this holiday.


6. Keep It Simple

You don’t want things to get too tall (especially if you want your guests to chat). Keeping it simple and low isn’t always a bad thing and actually the table can look very elegant.

Thank you Katy for your great holiday table setting advice. If you are feeling inspired and need help getting your home ready for the holidays then pop over to Katy's page and start a project with her today

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