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Get Your Home Office Organized For Back to School

Photo credit: Brooke Testoni

It’s that time of the year where we're busy getting ourselves and our kids ready for that back-to-school rush. Whether your workspace is used for studying or working from home, now’s the best time to revive your home office and make it more inspiring than ever. And yes, it's quite possible that we never outgrew the joys of acquiring new pencils and notebooks but before you stock up on stylish supplies and create that sweet workspace setup, let us bring you some tips and tricks for a beautiful, well-organized office.

Here are eight designer tips to a beautiful, organized and stylish home office. Best of all, these design tips are essential to helping you maximize productivity, plus create one good lookin’ workspace—it’s a win-win all around!

1. Edit and Declutter

 Photo credit: Studio McGee

Organization is essential to having a productive and efficient work day. To start, tidy up your workspace by keeping what’s essential for your work day (including inspirational objets) and getting rid of anything that doesn’t get put to use. Utilize book shelves and file cabinets to keep you desk clean and free of clutter.


2. Rearrange Your Work Setup to Best Suit Your Work Day

Photo credit: Michelle Adams

Once you’ve finished discarding the unnecessary, rearrange your notebooks, supplies and electronics so that they best serve their purpose. Items that get used often such as pens and daily planners may need to be close at hand, while inspirational references could go up on a shelf or pinned to a wall. 


3. Use Plenty of Stylish Storage

Photo credit: Decorist Elite Designer Braun and Adams

Just because it’s your workspace doesn’t mean it has to be all business. Keep office supplies and important documents stored in stylish bins and boxes. The result is an eye-catching and totally organized work space to love.


4. Invest in a Chic Yet Comfortable Chair

 Photo credit: Carol Vaziri, design by Decorist

We spend a lot of time at our desks, so finding a sleek and chic office chair that’s comfortable is key. Remember, not all office chairs are created equal. Sit on a few chairs before buying until you find the one that’s right for you. Tip: A fur throw or a pillow can be added for extra comfort and style!


5. Color-Coordinate Your Office Supplies

Photo credit: Jeff Beck, designed by Decorist Celebrity Designer Pulp Design

When buying office supplies, take into account the overall look and feel you have for your office. Bold colors and patterns can spark creativity yet should color coordinate or be a pop of color so that they don’t clash. Neutral and metallic supplies can help create a minimal yet classic looking office space. Have fun in letting your office supplies reflect your personality—they might even wake up your creativity!


6. Keep Cords Out of Sight

Photo credit: Brooke Testoni

The clutter of computer cords can be a real eye sore (think about it: have you ever seen a cord in an editorial of a magazine?). Get the cordless look with a wireless keyboard, mouse and printer that will make your space look far more visually appealing. If you can’t get away with a totally cordless setup, invest in a desk that has a power bar holder—“out of sight, out of mind” does the trick just as incognito as a fully wireless arrangement.


7. Use Decorative Lighting

 Photo credit: Decorist

Great lighting can make or break your home office. Create a space of productivity and creativity by investing in a beautiful table or desk lamp that is as functional as it is easy on the eyes.


8. Plants, Plants, Plants!

Photo credit: Julia Sperling

Plants bring life into any space and they help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Plus, they’re proven to help reduce stress. Bring the outdoors in by incorporating a plant or two into your workspace, such as a succulent, orchid, or pretty hanging plant.

Feeling inspired to transform your home office? Start a design project today—it's fast, easy and afforable! Save 30% on your next project with promo code HOMEOFFICE. Happy decorating! 

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