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The Mushroom Lamps—Get In On This New Trend!

MARCH 1, 2019
Photo credit: Seth Caplan

Though they’re one of the easiest (and most affordable) elements to change in a room, lamps tend to stick around in a room. Once you buy that task light, table lamp or even a floor lamp, it even stays exactly in place until your next move. This might be because lighting seems immune to trends, so the eye gets used to the same-old look in the same-old spot. But that’s definitely not the case — remember how big paper globe lantern pendants went from “ubiquitous” to “overused” years ago?

Right now, there’s a rising trend in the world of lighting: mushroom lamps. These short, sculptural table lamps share the shape as their namesake, and though they look fresh, it’s actually a look with deep roots (no pun intended). The mushroom lamp dates back to a mid-century design by Vico Magistretti, so it’s recent ascendency to must-have status might be tied to the never-ending enthusiasm for that era’s decor. But unlike the light, airy styles of the period, the mushroom lamp has a bolder silhouette that makes a serious impact in a room.

If you’re curious to try out this new trend, take a look at the way designers have integrated the table lamp into a room.

Image via Black Laquer Design

In a Los Angeles condo by Black Lacquer Design, a duo of mushroom lamps prove that they can hold their own in a maximalist space. The secret lies in their all-black color. Though the glossy finish is in keeping with the more-is-more approach, the dark hue doesn’t compete with the blue, gold and animal prints within this seating area. Their positioning also helps, creating an anchoring element that helps focus the gaze to the sofa and art.


Designed by Decorist Creative Director Jessica McCarthy + photo by Shelly Guberek

West Coast-style bohemian influences meets historic-industrial architecture in Jamie Chung’s Atlanta loft (designed by Decorist Creative Director Jessica McCarthy). A few polished statement pieces keep the vibe grown-up — and a mushroom lamp is one of them. The contrast between the organic look of the wooden end table and the burnished brass lamp adds a little sophistication to the space.


Designed by Decorist creative director Jessica McCarthy, photographed by Seth Caplan 

Like the aesthetic of Man Repeller, the innovative fashion and lifestyle site, the Soho apartment of founder Leandra Medine is all about surprising juxtapositions. The main living areas were designed by Consort, and the Parisian-inspired nursery was designed by Decorist Creative Director Jessica McCarthy. In the latter space, a mushroom lamp with a thinner base brings a touch of modernism to the chic decor scheme without looking too heavy.


Designed by Allison Crawford of HOTELette, Photographed by Nicole Mlakar 

A mushroom lamp is ideal for reading without making a bedroom too bright at night. For a unified look, Allison Crawford coordinated the two different styles of lighting by color. Both the mushroom lamp on the nightstand and the chandelier have a warm brass finish — as does the small art piece by the bed.


Designed by Decorist creative director Jessica McCarthy, Photographed by Reid Rolls

For a different take on the mushroom lamp trend, look to lighting that borrows the rounded shade of the design. The arced floor lamp in the living room of House Beautiful editor Danielle Tullo has that similar styling, but acts more like a pendant. It was the perfect solution for the rental apartment, providing the extra illumination the space needed (without having to install a single thing).

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