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Front Porch Decorating

JUNE 15, 2017
Photo credit: Image via Pinterest

5 Ideas for Your Front Porch Design

Curb appeal is an important part of any home, even for those that are not for sale.  The front of our home is the first thing that people see when they come for a visit, and it’s the first thing you see when you come home every day.  It may not be a place where you spend hours and hours of time, but the front porch is important, as it sets the tone for the look of your entire home.  That’s why front porch decorating is so important.  A lot of people struggle with the concept of front porch design and will put such a project off for as long as possible.  We’ve helped quite a few clients get things done with regards to their front porch decorating, and below are 5 ideas that may be of use to you as you consider tackling this task.

Hanging Plants

Nothing gives life to a space in or near a home than… life.  Your front porch design should include some spots for plants, but not every porch is large enough to accommodate big pots.  A front porch does, however, have a roof over it, which creates the opportunity to add some hanging plants to the space.  This will allow you to add those plants without eating up any floor space.


Hominess is one of the best ways to make any space where you live more inviting and comfortable.  Even if you don’t spend a lot of time sitting out there, your front porch design could incorporate some seating options if for no other reason than to give it a look of comfort and a welcoming vibe.  You may also wind up sitting out there more often and enjoying the fresh air.


One of the general ideas behind decorating is that it’s the little things, or the details, that tend to make the biggest difference in the overall look.  This notion is especially accurate when it comes to your front porch decorating.  Adding little decorations to the front wall of your home, to the pillars on the porch or somewhere else will bring the entire look to a new level.  

Seasonal Items

It’s always good to freshen the look of a part of your home regularly, as it keeps things interesting and it just brings energy to that space.  The same holds true for your front porch decorating.  Fortunately, the front porch and the calendar are natural partners.  If you add seasonal items every few months to reflect what’s happening at the time, your front porch will always look nice.


Soft lighting almost always makes a huge difference when it comes to any form of decorating.  With regards to front porch design, it’s often critically important.  The light fixture that tends to hang over the front door is effective, but many times it’s not attractive.  Add some lighting to other portions of your front porch and you’ll change the whole look and feel.

If you have other questions regarding your front porch decorating, feel free to contact us at any time.

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