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Flooring Options

JUNE 15, 2017
Photo credit: Image via Country Living

Things To Consider Regarding Your Flooring Options

Interior decorating is a process that involves an analysis of everything in the space that’s going to be redone from the floor to the ceiling and everything in-between.  Regardless of which order people tend to use as they progress through their analysis, the flooring decision is critical in terms of what will result in the overall look of the room or rooms.  There are several different ways that one could go in terms of flooring options, and perhaps the best way to think about this is to consider the potential positives and negatives for some of the more common types of flooring.  The team at Decorist has helped a large number of clients with their flooring decision or decisions, and we’d like to provide you with some background information that will hopefully help you move closer to a final decision with regards to your flooring options.


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Pros:  Carpeting creates a warm and inviting feel in a room and can help collect dirt that would otherwise spread through the space.  Carpeting can also help block noise from below if it’s used in a second-floor room.

Cons: Carpeting can collect dirt and begin to look dingy.  It will need regular shampooing.  Carpeting can also begin to smell if it gets wet and is costly to replace.  Generally, carpeting should not be used in rooms where water is present for this reason.  


Pros:  Tile comes in a variety of colors and sizes, creating many options in terms of aesthetics.  It is also durable, easy to clean and generally resistant to stains.  If a small crack appears on a piece of tile, it can be replaced in a relatively short amount of time.

Cons:  Tile is cold and hard by nature, and these properties can make a room seem sterile or unwelcoming.  Grout can attract stains and can be very difficult to clean.  Given its hard nature, anything that’s dropped on tile is most likely going to break, creating a big mess if whatever is dropped shatters.  



Image via Lonny

Pros:  Hardwood, like tile, is also easy to clean and can be polished to a nice shine when necessary.  It is extremely durable and will withstand a lot of punishment.  When done right, hardwood gives any room a nice, warm feel and it looks nice when throw rugs are placed on top of it.  

Cons:  Hardwood can cause problems after it’s installed, and the installation process itself can be quite costly.  Hardwood can shrink or shift a bit after it’s in, requiring adjustments.  Depending on the type of wood used, it can also be prone to scratching, creating a need for repair.

In general, your flooring options are going to depend on the room you’re redecorating, how that room is going to be used and how you want to maintain that floor.  Your flooring decision should also be made with the big picture in mind, as replacing flooring is both time-consuming and potentially expensive.  If you’d like specific help deciding on your flooring, feel free to contact the team at Decorist at any time.

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