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8 Artful Fireplace Styling Ideas

DECEMBER 7, 2021
Photo credit: Architectural Digest

The fireplace is easily one of the best interior assets in any home. Whether you have a cozy living space or a spacious family room, one with a fireplace instantly centers your space as a welcoming focal point. Not only that, but a fireplace also makes for a captivating architectural element while adding a sense of comfort and warmth. 

It’s all the more reason to make it a point to style up yours with fireplace mantel art and decor that add bold style and play up your personal ideas of comfort. If you love curling up by the fireplace at night with a good book, consider investing in a chic fire screen, or if you’re not big on turning on your hearth, consider filling it with stylish decor and candles to set a warm ambience without the flames. Finally, there are also endless ways to decorate above the mantel with fireplace art, sculptures, and botanicals. 

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some easy, elegant ideas for elevating the look and feel of your fireplace, no matter the size or style of your living room. Keep reading to get our simple and stylish ideas. 

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Add A Statement Art Piece 

Photo credit: Architectural Digest

One of the best ways to draw focus to a fireplace is to hang a large framed artwork above the mantel. It’s a tried-and-true trick favored by designers for a reason: It lets you show off your personal style while adding visual interest and setting the ambience in your living room. 

Look for a large-scale piece of fireplace art that takes up most of the empty space above the mantel. Consider a bright abstract painting if you’re a fan of vibrant colors, or if you prefer a more tonal look in your living space, opt for something more graphic such as a black-and-white framed print or photograph. The key is to choose an art piece that captivates in a big way from afar while also filling up enough of the wall space to bring an overall well-rounded look to your living room. 


Curate A Gallery Wall 

Photo credit: Josh Young

If one statement artwork feels like too much of a commitment, try gathering a mix to create a gallery wall above your fireplace. This curated art styling approach will provide you with a lot more room for experimenting with different colors, patterns, and visual designs, resulting in a fireplace look that appears elevated, whimsical, and thoughtfully arranged.

When curating a gallery wall, decide on the number of framed artworks you want to display, then lay them out on the floor to figure out the configuration you want. Measure the spacing between each art piece and make sure they all will be centered when hung up. When it comes to the actual art pieces, choose what appeals to you and your style—be it watercolors, photographs, vintage prints, framed old photographs, it’s all up to you!


Lean A Mirror Inside

Photo credit: Decorist

In the event that your fireplace is non-functioning—or you don’t use it regularly—style it up still to turn it into a stylish living room centerpiece. An easy trick is to lean a mirror inside the fireplace, which will help reflect light and bring a more open look and feel to the hearth.

Opt for any shape mirror that fits into your fireplace. A rectangular mirror will bring a streamlined look while one with rounded edges and beveled details can lend a chic and glamorous touch. For an elegant finishing touch, array some candles in front of the mirror—they’ll bring a soft magical glow to your space at night. 


Play Up A Sculptural Appeal

Photo credit: Nicole Franzen for House Beautiful

An alternative to fireplace art is to layer in decor with sculptural appeal. Think a collection of ceramics or a range of colorful glass vases arrayed across the mantel, or create a curated display of objects such as decorative boxes, obelisks, and mini sculptures. The key is to choose decor with interesting shapes and forms that lend an eclectic and whimsical note to your fireplace. 

If you’re feeling bold, try hanging a wall sculpture—a modernist metal design, a large-scale ceramic piece or even a statement mirror with a unique composition. The bigger and bolder the shape, the better. 


Set Up A Firescreen 

Photo credit: Jonathan Hoekklo

For a more refined traditional accent, bring in a stylish fire screen as a decorative element. Beyond its practical function, fire screens often feature sophisticated designs and details that provide intricate pattern and visual intrigue. Like leaning a mirror inside the fireplace, this can help lend a well-rounded decor look to an empty hearth also. 

From sleek modern glass screens to more ornate gold-trimmed designs, there are endless options to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your style and space. Just remember to choose the right size screen so that it’s proportional to your fireplace hearth. 


Layer Some Botanicals

 Photo credit: Athena Calderone

Take an organic approach to fireplace art styling by adding florals or faux botanical branches to your mantel. It’s a vibrant way to bring in a touch of nature and lush textures—whether it’s with simple flowers in bud vases, a tall arrangement of branching florals or a full garland of greenery strung across the mantel. 

Try styling together a mix of real and faux elements, such as a garland of greenery with a bouquet of fresh flowers from the market. Together they’ll instantly add bright, fabulous color and a lively look to your fireplace mantel. 


Hang A Framed Textile

Photo credit: Remodelista

Similar to a large statement artwork, a beautifully framed piece of textile can make for a stunning piece of fireplace art. 

Consider a striking scarf, woven tapestry or a fragment of a vintage textile piece as fabrics to frame and show off. Not only will they make for instant showpieces, but they’ll also infuse your living room with a dose of unexpected color, pattern, and texture. Seek out textiles with intricate patterns and textural details, such as shibori, elaborate knots or fringed detailing, which will bring rich contrast to your fireplace surround. 


Make It An Accent Wall

Photo credit: David A Land

If you’re ready to commit to a bold look, go big by painting your entire fireplace with a contrasting wall color to the rest of your living space. It’s a vibrant way to set off your fireplace with color while still allowing you to decorate and style it up with various art and decor. 

When choosing a wall color for your fireplace, we recommend keeping to bold neutrals and softer shades. Think hues ranging from charcoal and foggy grays to pastel pinks and blues, which are shades that blend seamlessly with the white walls often found in homes, as well as any style of furniture and decor. Once you’ve painted your surround, you can also round it out with any of our art and decor ideas above. Painting your entire fireplace surround is definitely a daring choice, but the results can be incredibly rewarding. 


Need help designing your living room with a fireplace? Our Decorist designers are here to help! Connect with us now to get started with one of our experts!  

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