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Family Home Sales Statistics

JULY 20, 2016

United States Home Sales Surge

There are certain industries that are basically tied together.  When the Super Bowl is coming around on the calendar, television sales tend to spike. Such is the case with regards to United States home sales.  When those numbers rise, so does the demand for all industries and businesses that are related to the home, including interior design. Below you’ll find an overview of the data that were recently provided for public viewing and some information regarding how you can go about your home decorating project in a way that’s stress-free and affordable.


About the United States Home Sales Survey

Trading Economics recently published the statistics that relate to single-family United States home sales.  July 2016, the month with the most recent data, showed that these sales skyrocketed by a factor of 12.4 percent.  That led to a rate of 654,000 homes sold during the month, which represents the biggest month for United States home sales since 2007, or before the Great Recession.  It also represents an increase of 72,000 homes when compared to June of 2016, when 582,000 homes were sold.  A breakdown of the report, which includes data drawn from the United States Census Bureau, can be found here


Why Did United States Home Sales Surge?

There are many theories coming out as to why United States home sales surged in July.  One of the more common is that July is a month in which a lot of homes are typically sold relative to the rest of the year because children are not in school and it represents a convenient time to move.  It’s also a warm time to move for people who live in climates that involve cold winters.  However, that does not explain how sales during July of 2016 were much higher than previous July numbers. 


How Does This Affect the Home Decorating Industry?

As stated above, when United States home sales surge, it soon follows that all home related industries, including home decorating professionals, see higher demand. In times like these, finding an interior designer or decorator who is both available and a good for you and your design project becomes harder.


How Decorist Can Help

Fortunately, people who work with Decorist will not have to wait or spend an unexpected amount of money to get their home decorating done.  All you need to do is take a look at our team of over 400  designers, all of which have experience and a strong track record.  We will pair you with one of our professionals who will stay with you all the way through the project.  We will work within your budget and your timeline.  Therefore, if you are one of the many people who recently bought a home, relax – you can work with us and avoid that rush of calling interior decorators.  Get started today!

Beautiful interior design.

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