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10 Essentials For A Fall Bedroom Refresh

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
Photo credit: Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane.

With fall in full swing, it's the perfect time to cozy up your bedroom for the colder months ahead. For us, that goes beyond merely switching up your bedding. It's about setting up your bedroom to be a calm and inviting oasis that you look forward to starting and ending your days in during winter. That means layering in plenty of texture, warm accents, and comfy furnishings as much as opening up your space to lots of natural light.

To help you get started on your seasonal refresh, we've rounded up ten stylish essentials that will transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat for fall and beyond. 

Been thinking about a bedroom makeover but need help getting it off the ground? Now's the perfect time to start your project with one of our Decorist designers for a makeover before the holiday rush.


1. Upholstered Bed

If you're looking for a piece that adds major cozy vibes for fall and winter, invest in an upholstered bed. Our pick is one with fine details, such as button tufting, nailhead trim, and a winged headboard, which make for warm finishing touches. Also, choose a bed with a tall headboard that lets you sit up and lean back comfortably as you cozy up with a book or movie in bed during those chilly fall nights.

2. Sculptural Mirror

The space above your bed is an ideal spot to hang a large mirror. It turns the empty wall space into a focal point that also reflects light and opens up the room, which makes for an uplifting addition that can brighten the bedroom in the fall. And the bigger the mirror, the better. Try one that has sculptural appeal, such as beveled or jagged edges, for a statement piece. Or, when in doubt, you can't go wrong with a massive round mirror.


Photo by Reid Rolls.

3. Brass Lighting

There's something about the warm glow of brass in the fall that makes rooms feel that much cozier. Bring that magical shine into your bedroom with a beautiful brass lamp or sconce. A brass table lamp on your nightstand not only adds practical light, but it also stands out as a captivating accent piece with visual height. If you're unsure about brass lighting, opt for hardware, like drawer pulls, in the material for a more subtle approach.

4. Drinks Table

You heard it here first: The drinks table is a bedroom essential for fall—and a very chic one at that. A marble-and-brass drinks table will take up minimal floor space in the bedroom while also giving you a convenient mini surface to put down books, a pair of glasses, a candle, or a cup of tea. It's a luxe addition to any fall bedroom, but you can also move it around into other rooms as needed throughout these holiday months. 


 Photo by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane.

5. Luxurious Curtains

Hanging beautiful drapery always brings an elegant tone to the bedroom. Layer heavier curtains, such as wool or velvet drapes, with light sheers, which will play up the natural autumn light in your bedroom. Window treatments also help add architecture and visual appeal in the room. An excellent place to start? Pick neutral or solid-hued curtains that tie back to the color palette of your bed and bedding for fall.

6. Moroccan Rug

In our books, a shaggy Moroccan rug is the ultimate fall luxury in the bedroom. It's soft on the soles, and its graphic diamond design adds just enough glam style without feeling overwhelming. But handwoven Moroccan rugs can be expensive, so also consider a high-pile carpet that has a similar black-and-white geometric design. It will provide the same stylish appeal and cozy texture underfoot that will keep your feet happy throughout fall and beyond.


Photo by Kristen Loken. Interior by Decorist Celebrity designer Will Wick.

7. Natural Accents

Natural materials and earthy elements can provide a warm, grounded feeling in the fall. For the bedroom, think agate bookends and sconces, rock sculptures and rose-quartz spheres, and even feather wall decor and juju hats. Similar to greenery and plants, these infuse life into the bedroom during the colder autumn and winter months.

8. Statement Dresser

If you're anything like us, you switch out your bedding, pillows, and clothing during the fall every year. So, a dresser with lots of functional storage is essential for keeping extra sheets, pillows, and cozy throw blankets within easy reach. But there's no reason it can't also be a showpiece. Look for storage pieces that feature beautiful details, such as one with nailhead trim or lacquer finishing, which will give it a timeless quality. 


Photo by ©AlyssaRosenheck. Interior by Decorist Celebrity designer Jessica McCarthy.

9. Textured Pillows

A cozy fall bed isn't complete without a pretty pile of plush pillows, naturally. Be sure to aim for a mix of textures, materials, and embellishments in your pillows. And play with different shapes, sizes, and styles—think ruffles, pleats, and pom-poms, lumbars in leather, and velvet shams. For us, more is more when it comes to layering pillows on our bed this time of year.

10. Sheepskin Bench

Speaking of playful textures, nothing says cozy fall seating like a sheepskin bench. Even in the most minimalist of spaces, one placed at the foot of a bed adds warmth instantly. If it feels like a big commitment, a sheepskin draped over an accent chair or layered on a rug will provide the same big fluffy fall texture we all crave. But if you ask us, we say it's time to go big. 


Looking to redesign your bedroom but not sure where to start? Explore our Design Services and start collaborating with a Decorist designer today.

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