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Design the Coolest Room on Campus

AUGUST 3, 2022
Photo credit: Decorist Dorm Design

Moving from a shared dorm room into a single, all-to-yourself space posed a fun and exciting challenge for a senior college student, Molly G., who reached out to Decorist for a little assist. With an existing neutral, tonal palette that felt somewhat uninspired as her starting point, Molly had a vision for a more sophisticated overall feel with bolder gestures, but without veering too far away from her Boho sensibilities.

Molly knew she needed some real-time design help and expert sourcing so she booked a Decorist Video Design Consultation service. With its convenient scheduling process she was paired with Decorist Elite Designer Courtney Schrank who know exactly where to turn for a fun yet sophisticated look. Spoonflower — a treasure trove of fabric, wallpaper and home decor from indie designers around the world — was the perfect answer to make Molly’s dorm dreams come true. With a classic meets modern aesthetic, and Scandinavian and mid-century leanings, Decorist designer Courtney is no stranger to designing small spaces.  She had a few design tricks up her sleeve for Molly and used contrasting bold colors and patterns to create room-expanding dimension.

An incredible design resource offering everything from wallpaper to curtains, Spoonflower made customizing the dorm a breeze. With so much to explore, Courtney recommends starting with the Curated Themes if you’re new to Spoonflower.  There you’ll find collections of their best selling fabric.  Heart patterns that you like, follow your favorite designers and get inspired!

Courtney selected designs by independent artist Holli Zollinger of Spoonflower to deliver vibrancy and graphic interest by way of patterned floral fabrics and peel-and-stick wallpaper in original prints that dramatically transformed the space.  A true pattern-enthusiast, Holli’s vibrant bohemian florals and geometric prints are a great way to inject personality into a design.

To compliment Holli’s designs, Courtney also replaced the nondescript rug, desk chair and bedding for more of-the-moment pieces like a cane desk chair and a large floor vase filled with dreamy, flowy pampas plumes.



Using Spoonflower prints exclusively, Courtney covered the existing bulletin board, pillows, comforter and even engineered a DIY headboard by upholstering a piece of plywood padded with foam board with Orchid Garden Amora. Using a bold botanical print as a jumping off point, she had her color palette locked in and stayed within earthy mid-tone hues, which are decidedly mid-century and Scandinavian. A saturated emerald-teal mingles with blush tones, russet and marigold, and serves as a reference point for simpler, smaller prints that created subtle dimension.



Courtney’s goal as a designer is to make sure her clients love and truly thrive in their newly designed spaces. She loves the warmth that textures like grasses, wood and sheepskin bring to a home, and isn’t afraid to borrow from fashion to create something fresh and wholly original. She also knew there were some classic, timeless pieces like the desk and desk lamp, the plush reading chair and the bulletin board that could be beautifully incorporated into the finished look. No need to be wasteful and replace the entire room.

This wasn’t Courtney’s first collaboration with Spoonflower. The print house is a partner of Decorist and is such a wonderful resource for students and first-time apartment renters for creating a space that feels personalized, tailored and elevated.


Dorm Room Before

Dorm Room After


With only a few simple and relatively inexpensive design swaps and a lot of ingenuity, the beautifully refreshed space is a study in exuberance, and a space to wake up to feeling revived, rested and ready to embrace the day.

Feeling inspired and want to give your dorm room, first apartment or any room that pulled together look? Talk to a Decorist designer to get real-time professional advice on how to style with fabrics, wallpaper, accessories and more. No upselling — just insider knowledge of how some small space planning and cool products can make a big impact. Book a Decorist Video Design Consultation today! 



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