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Dog-Friendly Decorating

JUNE 16, 2017
Photo credit: Julia Sperling

5 Ideas for Dog-Friendly Decorating

More than 75 million dogs live with families in homes across the United States.  We are a dog-friendly culture to the point where most people feel that their pooches are not just pets but also full-fledged members of the family.  We owe it to our family members to provide them with every opportunity for a happy life, and that certainly applies to our dogs.  When it comes to how we organize our homes, that means that we need to help Fido understand what is his and what is not, and we need to make sure that we don’t overlook certain details that could create problems if they are not managed.  Dog-friendly decorating is an important part of this effort.  While some do not really consider some of the steps they take as pet-friendly decorating, certain things fall into place over time that, if handled proactively, could lead to a better result.  Below are a few ideas to consider for dog-friendly decorating that you can do once and be finished.

Couch Covers 

If you’re one of the people who allows your dog to sleep on your couches, you understand that shedding is something that’s a part of your family’s life.  Some people will even purchase couches to match the color of their dog’s fur.  You can avoid that as part of your dog-friendly decorating by adding some tasteful couch covers that you can remove and wash when you need to clean them.  

Doggy Dining Area

Dogs tend to be sloppy eaters, and they are especially sloppy water drinkers.  The last thing homeowners need is to have to wander into a sloppy mess that’s left behind, and the dog benefits from knowing where his or her food and water can be found.  That’s why your pet-friendly decorating plan should include a dedicated area for the food and water bowl.  It’ll reduce stress for everyone.

Sleeping Options

Aside from the couch, dogs will look for comfortable places to sleep that are also in beneficial locations.  These locations are usually in cooler areas near the family where they can see as much as possible.  Dog-friendly decorating should include dog beds in just about any room in which they like to sleep, and these are usually rooms where people also spend their time.

Outdoor Access?

Dog owners understand that they need to either let or bring their dogs outside to do their thing several times per day.  If you have an enclosed yard, your pet-friendly decorating could include a doggy door that allows your pet to go in and out as he or she pleases.  This will save you time and hassle and it will allow your dog to go get some sun when he or she wants some.


Dogs don’t always know what they should or should not play with, chew or claim as their own.  This can lead to a lot of stress, particularly in homes with children who enjoy smaller stuffed animals.  This is also where proper shelving comes into play, as pet-friendly decorating should include strategies for preventing access to forbidden items.  

If you have more specific questions about how to handle your dog-friendly decorating, feel free to contact the team at Decorist at any time.  

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