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Favorite Fall Design Trends From 3 A-List Interior Designers

OCTOBER 29, 2019

So far, 2019 has seen significant shifts away from home trends of the past few years, which has included pastel palettes, overtly sleek designs, and minimalist-leaning spaces. Instead, designers have been opting for the exact opposite, embracing maximalism through rich colors and vibrant patterns as well as a return to classic decorating standbys, like furniture with tailored silhouettes, elaborate wallpaper motifs, and even the finishing flourish of floral.

As we've settled into fall, we've seen many of these trends take shape in some of our favorite designers' interiors. For a closer look, we asked three of our top designers below how they brought some of their favorite trends of the year into the home for fall. 

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Photo courtesy of Decorist Celebrity designer Heidi Caillier.

Heidi Caillier On Working In The Warmest Hues

Bolder, more vivid hues have been a prevailing theme in 2019's interiors color story, be it warm coral pink or every shade of red and orange. Decorist Heidi Caillier, for one, has wholeheartedly embraced this warming color trend. "I am seeing rust tones everywhere right now," she says. "It integrates so well with other colors, particularly soft greens, muddy pinks, and navy blues. We are using it in big ways on sofas, beds, rugs, even wall treatments."

It's all part of a deviation from the white-walled modernist streak that's been predominant in homes most recently. "I am really seeing a move towards cozier spaces in general," she says. "Less modernization and a bit of a return to a more layered look with traditional touches, such as plaids, florals, and rich colors."


Photo courtesy of Decorist Celebrity designer Tineke Triggs.

Tineke Triggs On Trying Unconventional Pairings

If there's one thing we've learned, it's not nostalgia for tried-and-true decorating but how classic colors and elements are being updated and layered in unexpected ways that are appealing to designers at the moment. Decorist Celebrity designer Tineke Triggs tells us she is currently keen on botanical wallpaper in deep hues, bouclé fabrics on furniture, and designs with unconventional lines. She's also partial to the many shades of orange, "including deep orange, pomegranate, and beige," she says.

Although currently for the season, she's captivated by classic decor with a glamorous twist. "Fall is my favorite season, and I always love the deep jewel tones associated with it. The colors are especially great as an accent color pairing on a sofa or blended in a patterned wallpaper where everything else in the space is neutral," she says.


Photo by Reid Rolls, courtesy of Decorist Elite designer Audrey Margarite.

Audrey Margarite On Mixing Up Bright Patterns

With maximalism having taken over fashion and the home, bold patterns are once again de rigueur. It's a welcoming sight for Decorist Elite designer Audrey Margarite, who has always been a fan of a patterned finishing touch in her designs—and particularly in the fall home. "As with fashion in the fall, I like to add layers to interiors. A vintage suzani throw over a sofa adds color, interest, and texture, and a cashmere throw near a reading chair is just the thing you’ll reach for to be super cozy as the temperatures drop," she says. 

In keeping with her preference for elaborate patterns and textures, she is expecting to see another trend stay for a good. "I see wallpaper used throughout the house in bigger and bolder ways. It's no longer just for a powder room or a guest bedroom," she says.


If you're looking to update your home with the best-of-the-best in design, our Decorist designers are always in-the-know with the latest trends and ready to help. Explore our Design Services to learn more and start collaborating with one of our designers today.

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