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Designer Spotlight With Tina Martindelcampo

MAY 2, 2017

Tina Martindelcampo is one of our most requested Classic designers and it's not hard to see why - clients love her bold eclectic designs and her ability to add an unexpected element of surprise into each project. We asked about her signature approach to design, current trends she's most excited about, and her biggest don't when decorating.

"5 stars! I highly recommend Decorist. My designer, Tina Martindelcampo, instantly knew the look I was going for, and her final design matched my aesthetic perfectly!" 

- Celina P. 

How would you describe your style in 5 words?

Eclectic, unique, classic, livable and modern.


What current design trend are you most excited about?

I feel a surge of bold colors coming to the forefront, not just using color as an accent piece but with large scale items such as a chair or sofa. I’m really loving the deep green tones I’m seeing everywhere. 

What's the biggest design mistake you see people make?

When people buy all their furniture and accessories from one store or showroom, it doesn’t really reflect a homeowners personality. Your home should have the appearance of an eclectic mix of items, as if you’ve been collecting items your entire life.

Any funny stories from your very first design project?

One of my first ever bathroom remodels I didn’t order enough tile for the shower and we were in a time crunch so I had to have additional tile shipped overnight from the East Coast to the West Coast, you can imagine how expensive that was (tile is heavy). My client never found out but I ate the extra cost. Always triple check your math when measuring!

What makes this project above a Tina Martindelcampo signature design? What design tips can we take from this open concept living-dining room project?

I love using black and white in my designs, sometimes black is a hard sell for my clients but this particular client was totally on board with using black and white accents throughout. You’ll see I used it in both the rugs in living room and kitchen nook, the backsplash, pillows and accessories. 

Don’t be afraid to mix different textures and styles into one room design. I love mixing a tufted chair with a relaxed sofa, as you see here in the living room. I’m also really on board with using different metals in the same design, such as silver with bronze or brass; things don’t all have to match to be cohesive, that’s what makes eclectic design so fun!

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