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7 Chic Décor Trends We're So Glad Are Back Again

MAY 7, 2019
Photo credit: Frank Tribble for One Kings Lane

Home décor trends come and go faster than you can swap out the pillows in your bedroom or the art on your gallery wall. Millennial pink seems to be on the out (finally!) but blush is here to stay; ottomans and benches with shearling seats are the new garden stool; and maximalism and color (lots of it!) are back in vogue. And we’re here for all of it.

In particular, lately we’ve been seeing new iterations on classic designs that are making their way into homes all over—from ’80s-shaped sofas to bright wallpaper—and they’re proving to be welcoming trends that we are totally onboard with. Below, we take a closer look at some of these trends that are making a modern comeback and seemingly here to stay.


Photo credit: Tony Vu

1. The Curved Sofa

Curved sofas came up as boldly unconventional silhouettes during the design boom of the 1980s are often associated with loungey seating found in nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels. But the current trend of hospitality spaces designed to evoke the comforts of private residences has casted them into the spotlight as sophisticated takes on your everyday rectilinear sofa for the home. Swap in a half-moon shaped sofa for your classic sectional as a way to offset the boxy lines in a room and to create a conversation spot that wraps chicly around any corner.


3. Concrete Accents

While we’ve seen the likes of concrete stools and tables—including ping pong tables—make their way into homes, the latest use of the hefty material comes in the form of scaled-down accents, such as lamps and sleek accents, such as mini sculptures and vessels. And don’t be mistaken, these concrete designs are anything but industrial feeling. Whether it’s a table lamp or a large planter, the smooth surfaces pair perfectly alongside organic wood pieces and woven textures, lending spaces a warm, modern vibe.


 Photo credit: Nicole LaMotte

3. Abstract Rugs

The recent renewed interest for artfully made, asymmetrical, graphic rugs, specifically ones woven with abstract designs and colors, has been refreshing to witness to say the least. These designs require a completely different approach to weaving that shifts the focus to the endless possibilities that come with modernizing the craft of rug-making. Be it a surrealistic mashup of shapes or a palettes reminiscent of Mondrian paintings, the results are compelling works of art that captivate from the ground up.


4. Round Shapes

Before streamlined designs became firmly associated with contemporary lofts and apartment spaces, furnishings with more sinuous shapes and feminine silhouettes were commonplace. There’s been a resurgence in designs that embrace curves and rounded forms making their way into homes, such as this concentric bar cart. Use round pieces to set off a vignette in a corner or to balance out more rectilinear tables and seating within a room. If you’re not quite ready for a curvy statement, try grouping art that depict circular motifs for an equally eye-catching alternative.


Photo credit: Leslee Mitchell

5. Not Your Grandmother's Wallpaper

We have such brands as Calico Wallpaper  and Hygge & West to thank for reintroducing us to the whimsical charms of wallpaper—as well as designs that are a far cry from ornate patterns and granny florals. With modern prints boasting playful color and pattern, today’s wallpaper options bring a fresh, modern look to spaces large and small. A surefire way to add impact? Cover the walls of a small bathroom or line a hallway with a two-toned design, such as this quirky squiggle that sets a crisp tone for the adjacent powder room.


6. Homespun Ceramics

Artisanal pottery has long been a decorator favorite for a reason, but the recent trend for handmade ceramics by self-taught potters has given rise to a whole new slew of creative designs that lend a more homespun vibe to all the pre-existing offerings. There’s lots to discover through these Instagram-star ceramists, who are giving us a reason to bring in pieces with a more personal touch. Consider amassing pieces from various makers to create your own modern ceramic collection of vessels, vases, and bowls; It's certain to start a conversation.

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