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Decorist Head of Design Ashley Redmond's Top Holiday Picks

DECEMBER 5, 2016
Photo credit: Julia Sperling

With the holiday season quickly approaching and gift giving top of mind, we asked our own Head of Design, Ashley Redmond, to put together some of her favorite home decor gift ideas.

Whether you’re looking for that little gift to wow even your most stylish friend this season or you’re in search of a few chic additions for your own holiday wish list (don't worry, we won’t judge!), consider these of-the-moment presents inspired from some of Ashley's most recent Decorist design projects.

So here are Ashley's top 12 picks for this holiday season!


Marble Cutting Board

This beautiful marble paddle cutting board from World Market has a cool triangular copper handle. It's practical and looks great on display. You can't beat the price! || $15



Cashmere Throw

I love this soft cashmere tie-dye throw that would look great draped over bright white bedding or cream colored upholstery as well as paired with earthy tones and fabrics. || $140



Deer Antlers

Fun and decorative wall art these hip, vintage looking antlers from Gilt add an organic rustic vibe to a room. And no you don't have to live in a cabin to hang one on your wall! || $49



Brass Candle

This hammered brass candle from Terrain looks so pretty on a table or countertop and has a subtle rosewood and berry scent. || $34



Ceramic Ring Dish 

The perfect little accessory for your bedside table. This beautiful ceramic dish from Baba Souk is not only stylish, but practical too. I absolutely love the colors! || $32



Tea Towel

There is a simple organic look to these block print tea towels from Bohem. They are hand-printed, hand-dyed and no two are alike. It's a great gift paired with a pretty tea pot or some yummy teas. || $12.50




A great coffee table book that is full of eye candy for those of us who love plants and interiors. And that would be me!  || $41



Macrame Planter Holder Kit

Looking for a fun DIY gift? This nature-inspired macrame wall hanging and planter is super trendy and the perfect gift for that crafty friend. || $48



Old School Wool Blanket

Faribault's revival stripped merino wool blanket is a true classic that today finds itself being both urban and modern. || $280

Magazine Basket

Now a cute and stylish place to keep all your magazines togther in one spot rather than scattered all over the house. || $27



Lowball Glasses

Looking to style your barcart and want to try something other than vintage glassware? These modern Tom Dixon lowball glasses are perfect for whisky and cocktails. I especially love the shape and the hand-painted copper detailing. || $70 / Set of 2



Icelandic Sheepskin 

This is faux real! I used this gorgeous luxe Icelandic sheepskin throw in my recent design project with Erin Heimstra of Apartment 34. I love the creamy color with the rust tones peeking through. || $245






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