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Decorating The Bathroom For The Holidays

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Decorating The Bathroom For The Holidays

Wasn’t it just about 10 minutes ago that we were packing for our summer vacation? It’s the time of year when the weather may get colder, but the mood becomes increasingly more festive as we get closer to the end of the calendar.  It’s also time to start thinking about decorating... in the bathroom?  Yes, the bathroom is an overlooked room when it comes to decorations, but bathroom holiday decorations make all the difference in the overall feel of a home.  Below are some ideas to consider as you get ready to move into the holiday season.


The Walls

Of course, the most natural place for holiday bathroom decorations is the walls inside the room.  You can decide between swapping out what may already be there, accentuating what’s already there with some accessories or simply adding some decorations.  It seems that adding some light is a trend this year, so think about something like some tasteful candles or something else that glows.  This works for Halloween, Thanksgiving or the Holidays in December.


The Shower Curtain

Regardless of the holiday, no set of holiday bathroom decorations would be complete without some sort of addition to the shower curtain.  Some people have separate shower curtains for different times of the year while others will hang something decorative on what’s already there.  Just note that if you choose the latter, make sure it’s something that’s flexible and resistant to moisture, or else you may be replacing your shower curtain decoration more than once.


Tasteful Plant Life

Every holiday, especially those that occur in fall and winter, are perfect for plant life.  Whether you’re talking about corn stalks in the fall or wreaths or poinsettias in the winter, holiday bathroom decorations should almost always include some form of plant or plants.  This will add color, style, and a really nice atmosphere to the room.  You’ll also get to add some actual life to the place, which in colder climates can be a bit of a challenge this late in the year.



Anyone who puts together a collection of bathroom holiday decorations almost doubtlessly has a nice collection of baubles as part of it.  Baubles are not only cute but extremely fun.  You can add them to a decorative bowl and spruce up the things you use daily in your bathroom or you can simply add them to different locations throughout the room.  It’s hard to go wrong with baubles.


Work with Decorist

Need a little design help? Work with one of our interior designers to transform your bathroom - even if you can't do a remodel, a designer can help you get festive and ready for guests. Any one of our 400+ designers can work within your style and budget to give you the room you've always wanted. Start a project today!


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