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6 Creative Ideas For a Kid-Friendly Home

AUGUST 23, 2019
Photo credit: Heidi Caillier

Our idea of the perfect kid-friendly home is simply one that suits your family's needs and lifestyle. If you have active young children, it might mean incorporating a play area in your living room or guest room. And if your little ones love crafts, but you're tight on space, it may be covering a small wall with chalkboard paint to create a makeshift art area.

All to say, your most-used, everyday spaces should strike a balance between functionality and style for everyone in your home. However, we know that designing a chic, kid-friendly home is often easier said than done, and it's a challenge many Decorist homeowners face.  

So to inspire you, we've rounded up creative ideas for giving high-traffic spaces a kid-friendly spin—all without forgoing style. From a colorful guest den that doubles as a playroom to a stairway landing that's none too precious, steal the looks (and some decor tips) from the charming spaces below.

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 Photo by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane

A Creative Stairway Landing

Whether it's on a small sliver of wall space or an entire one, a coat of chalkboard paint can be just the fun element you need. It gives kids free rein to scribble and doodle all over in a dedicated spot. And you can easily pull up mini chairs and tables next to a chalkboard wall to create an instant craft corner, as in this home. The best part? You can sand and repaint the walls once your children grow older and revamp the space with non-pint-size furniture.  


 Photo by Joe Schmelzer for One Kings Lane

A Cozy, Multi-purpose Living Room

Beyond their bedrooms, give children a place to call their own in shared spaces. The teepee hideout in this stylish living room is our favorite way to carve out a kids zone within a gathering spot meant for relaxing and entertaining. It also works nicely with other kid-friendly furnishings, such as oversized lounge chair-and-a-halves, curvy ottomans, and round coffee tables. Plus, who doesn't love storytime in a teepee?


 Photo by Nicole LaMotte for One Kings Lane

A Kitchen With Playful Reminders

In a busy, practical space like the kitchen, a kid-friendly nod can mean displaying artwork and adding a chalkboard itinerary that gets everyone involved in daily life at home. Instead of showing off their kids' drawings and artwork on the fridge, this family hung them from a pot rack for a colorful focal point above the counter.  


Photo by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane

An Elegant Media Room For All

Consider turning an extra room into an entertainment space for the whole family—where kids can color and play, grown-ups can lounge, and everyone can enjoy a movie together. This media room perfectly balances kid-friendly designs with a sophisticated palette of black, white, and orange. The striped rug makes for a striking foundation that has universal appeal while the cowhide adds cozy texture that even little ones will love.


 Photo by David Land for One Kings Lane

A Fabulous Guest Den and Playroom

It's always a dream to have a room dedicated specifically for kids to play in, but that's rarely the case for many people who live in apartments or are tight on space. Combine two rooms into one instead with a guest den that doubles as a play space for kids when it's not in use. The trick is to bring in stylish furnishings with a touch of whimsy, as in this swoon-worthy guest den. The gorgeous floral wallpaper, white slipcovered sofa bed, strawberry-red striped rug, and big fluffy ottoman make for designs that are at once chic and child-friendly. 


 Photo by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane

A Fun, Art-Lined Laundry Room

A kid-friendly space for us is one that celebrates children and all that they do as they learn and grow. Showing off their artwork is a great way to encourage creativity further. Try taking a more laissez-faire approach to displaying children's art, as in this otherwise staid laundry and pass-through space. We love this informal take on a gallery wall that is all color and fun with zero pretenses.     


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