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Decorating A Media Room

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Ideas for Media Room Decorating

The media room is a special place especially for the man of the house who really enjoys having somewhere to go to watch television, movies or sports without disturbance.  It’s also a place where the rest of the family can enjoy some time together. Media room decorating is something that is fairly straightforward. That said, there are still a few ideas you may want to keep in mind if you’re considering designing your media room. Here are some of the most important things to consider.


Walls of Darkness

Most people understand that you want to keep as much light out of your media room as possible if this room is truly going to be all about your television viewing experience.  Obviously, sunlight will reflect off of your television screen and interfere with what you’re watching.  No one likes white spots, so sunlight is a no-no in here. The same sort of concept goes for your walls with your media room design.  You should think about painting them as dark a color as possible.  Even light paint can reflect off of a viewing screen and affect what you’re seeing.  The darker the better, but you do have choices other than black if that’s not your style.


The Shape Of Your Media Room

No, we’re not talking about exercise or putting exercise equipment in your media room.  What we’re suggesting is that your media room design should begin with a room that’s rectangular in shape if possible.  You should also place your television and speakers on one of the shorter walls.  This sets you up for better amplification.  Square rooms or oddly-shaped rooms can affect your acoustics, and since you’re going to all of this effort you may as well make sure your audio is as pure as the video you’re watching. 


Warm Up Those Floors

Once again, your media room design should include a floor that’s set up for sound.  Floors actually make a big difference in your audio experience.  Generally speaking, floors that are carpeted are going to absorb sound – particularly ambient sound – better than tile or hardwood.  Carpeted floors will also add some warmth to your room’s atmosphere.  If you’re just not into carpeted rooms, you could always make do with a rug or floor covering of some kind.  Either way, you should think about doing something to make sure you’re maximizing your entertainment.


Work with Decorist

Ultimately, your media room design should be how you want it and should not be set up to please anyone else. Aside from the three set-up decisions above, your media room can be designed to any theme you like - think of Old Hollywood, or a luxurious movie theater with plush seating, or even an old-school gentlemen's lounge. Here's where a Decorist interior designer can help. Any one of our 400+ designers can work with you to design the space you've always wanted. Get the beautiful media room that you (and your friends) will use again and again.

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