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Country Style Decorating

JULY 20, 2016

Country Style Interior Decorating

Many of us hear the term, “country style interior decorating” and get a visual of a beautiful home in a rural area, perhaps with a horse barn nearby and all of the bucolic scenery that tends to exist in such a setting.  While that’s certainly something that qualifies for country theme decorating, that’s not really what country style interior decorating is all about.  Country style interior decorating can work almost anywhere, but if you need to make sure that you don't go overboard and end up with a design that looks like a cliche.  While this may seem to be a daunting task for someone who is not an interior decorator, when you work with Decorist you’ll soon realize that such an undertaking can be handled easily.


Country Style Interior Decorating – A Description

Terms that people will use when they see a home that has incorporated country theme decorating will include, “warm,” “rustic,” “homey” and more.  When done right, country style interior decorating will have a home looking like it could have existed several decades ago - timeless style.  That said, there’s no reason to have to give up any of our modern advancements in order to achieve this look.  Everything in a home goes towards a decorating style, from what hangs on the walls to what appears on shelves and countertops to the furniture. 


Country Theme Decorating – Some Ideas for Pieces of Décor

If you’re a person who enjoys going to garage sales, estate sales or rummage sales, country style interior decorating is a perfect match for how you like to spend your time.  Beautiful pieces can be found in the most random places, and you’d be surprised at some of the gorgeous furniture and other decorations that can be found for a very low price.  What’s old to someone else may be a wonderful addition for you, so spend some time looking in these places. 

If you’re someone who enjoys refurbishing old pieces of furniture, then you’ve made a wise choice by going with country theme decorating.  This is obviously a labor-intensive approach, but if you enjoy doing it anyway then you’re bound to experience quite a bit of excitement as you work on pieces that are going to add to the look of your home.  Sanding, painting, repairing and basically sprucing things up is now being done for a specific purpose. 


Country Style Interior Decorating – Work with Decorist

If you’re not a person who enjoys hunting for pieces or refurbishing furniture or décor, there’s no reason to give up on country theme decorating.  All you need to do is work with Decorist.  From our over 400 interior designers on our platform, we will pair you with a professional interior decorator who will help you find the right pieces for your home, who will work with you on your budget and timeline and who will serve as a resource for you all the way through to the end of the project. Ready to start a project?

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