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Convert Your Garage Into An Extra Room

JULY 20, 2016

Many people around the country, for different reasons, discover at some point that they simply need more room in which to live.  Adding another bedroom or two, another bathroom, a playroom, an office, or whatever will make all the difference.  Many people also get to this point and stop thinking about it, however, as adding on to a home can be extremely expensive, particularly if you have to leave that home for any period of time and live somewhere else.  That’s why more and more people are looking to something that they may already have on their property – their garage. 


Decide On Its Use

Clearly, the first question that needs to be answered with regards to converting garage involves how it’s going to be used.  If it’s going to be used as an office, that obviously simplifies things in terms of what you'll need.  If it’s going to be used as a full suite for guests, then you need to think about a few other things to add to the space. Or perhaps the garage can be converted into a room for multiple uses - not transforming it completely into one type of room allows you the flexilibity to use as needed.


Decide on Infrastructure

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have heat in your garage.  If yuo decide convert the garage to another room, you may need to either add heat to the space or improve the heating system that’s already there.  If you live in a warmer climate, you may need to consider the same for air conditioning. You will also want to think about things like plumbing, electricity and Internet connectivity.  All of these issues can be handled with relative simplicity, but it’s best to build that infrastructure in at the beginning.


Decide On a Theme

Once you answer the basic questions on use and infrastructure, the project moves into the decorating stage. Much like any other room or small apartment, you should decide on some sort of theme. You can start with furniture that you have or that you may want to recondition and add to it or you can start from scratch. 


Work with Decorist

Decorating a garage conversion has some unique considerations but any of our 400+ designers would be able to help advise you on what you can do to to maximize the impact of your budget and turn your previous garage into an integral part of your home.

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