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Meet the Designer Keeping it Light with Her Coastal Contemporary Style

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021
Photo credit: Elizabeth Herrera

Elizabeth believes beautiful spaces should be accessible for all as a way to celebrate life's every day moments. A home should be functional yet spark a sense of joy. Her love for interior design began as a child when she was influenced by her grandmother’s talent for decorating and entertaining. Wallpaper samples and fabric scraps filled her dollhouse, and dreams of designing spaces consumed her. She carried this passion through college and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Washington State University.

Elizabeth's professional background is quite diverse, ranging in designing residential and mixed use spaces, visual merchandising, staging, and styling for photoshoots and events, as well as interiors. Designing spaces for families is something Elizabeth enjoys as she has two small children of her own. Her daughters, Violet and Josephine, are often her inspiration and reminder to create playful, happy rooms. While her personal style is a mix of coastal, rustic, and bohemian – with a touch of whimsy, she adapts to any unique request, always making sure to design with the outcome of creating a joyful space. 

Tell Us About Yourself!

I am an Interior Designer and Stylist; I aspire to tell stories through my work. I love to combine the old and the new and add in unexpected details to the spaces I design.


How would you describe your style?

I would describe my personal style as Eclectic Beachy with a touch of whimsy.


Tell us your background?  How did you get started and how did you get here?

I went to school for Interior Design and graduated with a BA from Washington State University in 2007. From there I worked in high end design showrooms, residential design firms, and eventually branched out into styling for large online retailers.  I have been working with Decorist for over three years now and love that I am able to help people with their homes every day! 


Walk us through your creative process. How do you know when a space is finally done?

I like to start by getting to know the clients wants and needs.  I also like to understand how they will use the space day to day.  From there I create a space plan and then start sourcing larger pieces so that they have a good place to start.  I don’t think a space really ever is done! To truly feel happy in your home, collecting pieces over time helps to tell your story and allows your space to evolve with you, but having that basis to start with is so important.   



How do you strike a balance between adding your personality and taste to a project and keeping it about the client?

I focus on the client’s needs before my personal style, if my style matches with theirs – great! But often times, I will work with clients that have different tastes, so I try to put myself in their shoes to really make the design personal to them.  I do have my go-to places that I source through so this helps to introduce the clients to new pieces that they may not have considered and adds in a touch of my style as well. 



What’s the most underrated element of home décor that you think every space should have?

I love bringing natural elements like plants, driftwood, and even rocks or seashells into a space; they really add so much life and personality.  Plants are so great for awkward corners or tabletop décor.  I love how they change over time too, just like your space should! 


What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to refresh their space but isn’t sure where to start?

I would start by looking at what you have and how you can make that work first, then move onto how you want the space to feel by selecting a color scheme.  For furnishings, I generally keep them neutral and add in some color through art, textiles, and accents. 


Where do you find inspiration and how do you stay connected to your creativity?

I find so much inspiration in nature, particularly at the beach.  I love the colors and textures and how the landscape changes seasonally.  My family and I are lucky to live near the beach so we spend a lot of time there! 


Feeling inspired?  Start a Design Project with Elizabeth to find your blissful style. 

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