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6 Chic Ways to Organize Your Home For the New Year

JANUARY 10, 2018

There’s no better time to get organized than the new year. Starting off 2018 in a fresh, clean, and orderly home will energize you and your family, and put you in a clear mindset to achieve all of those new year’s resolutions you’ve decided to bite off this year. Any organization is an upgrade, but you may as well make it beautiful, too. To that end, we’re sharing six chic ways to organize your home for the new year.

Invest in Matching Hangers

Photo by Angi Welsch for Goop

If you do only one thing to your closet, invest in matching hangers. The simple switch-out will dramatically change the look of your closet from cluttered and cachophonous to clean and harmonious. We love ultra-slim velvet Huggable hangers, which are space-saving and prevent clothes from slipping.

Sort By Color

Photo by Justin Coit for Who What Wear

Within your closet, you may want to categorize each type of clothing—such as workout wear and evening dresses—and store them separately. Within each category, sort your clothing and accessories by color so they’re easy to find. When you’re dressing, color is always a consideration in what you wear, so it’s an important to organize by color.

Be Strategic With Open Shelving

We love the look of open shelving in a kitchen—or any room in the house—but not all objects are a great choice for open shelving. When choosing what to store on your open shelves, consider first the pieces that you really want to showcase. If you have a “statement” piece, such as a platter with a bold print, a set of colored glassware, be sure to surround it with subtler items like clear glasses or white china. This will keep the shelves from looking too cluttered or feeling visually overwhelming.

Pick Up Plastic Refrigerator Dividers

Photo via Shelterness

You open your refrigerator dozens of times per day—it should beautifully organized, with all of your food easy to see and access. One surefire way to organize your refrigerator is with plastic refrigerator dividers. These simple, clean plastic bins let you see clearly what you have available and make it easy to corral like items.

Accessorize Your Laundry Room

Photo by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Since the laundry room is a utilitarian space, it’s often overlooked in the aesthetics department. But given how much time you spend there, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be beautiful. To give your laundry room an upgrade, consider chic alternatives to typical organization accessories. Replace plastic bins with tasseled woven baskets, and drying racks with wooden or bamboo ladder, and so on.

Hang Your Hats

Photo by Tessa Neustadt

You could easily stack your hats in a closet, but why not put them on display? Creating a hat wall in your home is a chic way to organize that will create an instant focal point in an room, and allow you to enjoy your hats even when you’re not wearing them.

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