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Heidi Caillier Designs For Comfort With Confidence

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019
Photo credit: All Photos Courtesy of Heidi Caillier Design

Known for her warm, livable interiors layered with beautiful textures and colors and a distinctive mix of old with new, Decorist Celebrity designer Heidi Caillier has quickly come up as a new favorite in the design world, catching the eye of top shelter magazines such as Architectural Digest and House Beautiful along the way. Based in Seattle, Heidi developed her worldly aesthetic and passion for interiors early on, having lived in different cities all over growing up. She eventually found her way to San Francisco, where her love for all things design took on new meaning and led her to a career in interiors.

We've been following Heidi and her work since the beginning, and we find ourselves more and more smitten by her signature cozy rooms and down-to-earth style. And we think you'll be equally taken by her beautifully curated spaces as well. Read on and get to know Heidi a little better as we catch up with her and talk career, style, and what's next. 



Tell us how you found yourself in interior design. 
I actually have a master's degree in International Public Health. I spent my twenties traveling and working, but I knew it wasn't really what I wanted to be doing. I have always been into design, but I got more heavily interested as I was living in San Francisco, so I started a design blog to share some of my inspirations. I never had any aspirations to become a designer. But then I got offered my first job based on the blog, and it all took off from there. After many years of having no idea what I was meant to do, I feel like I finally found it. 

How would you describe your design aesthetic?
This is always a hard question for me because the project really drives my aesthetic. I love a layered look with lots of textiles, vibrant colors, patterns, and vintage mixed with new. 



How has the Pacific Northwest influenced your aesthetic?
When I lived in California, it felt like everyone wanted the all-white walls, California-bohemian look, and every project was just a recycling of that. Here, the vibe is cozier, and you really want to play with the rich colors you see all around you. I've also found that there is not a singular defined aesthetic here. So there is more freedom to do what you think is right for a project, not what is dictated by what everyone else is doing. So I'd say the Pacific Northwest has definitely influenced my aesthetic in a good way.

Who are designers that have inspired you?
I love the work of Nickey Kehoe, Studio Shamshiri, Gil Schaefer, Rita Konig, and Ashe + Leandro. 



Where do you go for inspiration?
I read a lot of design books and am always on the lookout for good ones. I also still love print magazines: Architectural Digest has been so good lately. And, of course, I am constantly saving images on Instagram

How have online interior design and social media changed your practice?
Social media has really opened up the possibilities in terms of where you get client inquiries. We work all over the country now and have found that most of our clients find us on Instagram. 



What's the greatest design lesson you have learned?
To present your vision. We always share a Pinterest board with our clients at the start of a project to get on the same page. I used to stick to what my clients were pinning. But over the past few years, I have started to take that mood and then design something we know fits their inspiration but reflects my aesthetic. I am much happier with the results, and so are my clients. 

What are some exciting things you're seeing in interior design right now?
I love the leaning away from all-white walls! It feels so much more sophisticated and thoughtful. 


What's next for you?
I feel like we are in a really good place as a firm. I love the size and variety of the projects we are working on, and I feel like we are just going to continue on this path and keep doing what we are doing. 

Are you working on any exciting projects right now?
We have some great projects in the works. A large new build on Fox Island that is an incredible home with a fantastic builder and great clients, a remodel in Seward Park that is over-the-top in the best possible way, a waterfront home that feels more subdued but will be an amazing transformation, and a really beautiful smaller project in Capitol Hill for a client who has the best taste.

And lastly, fill in the blank: A beautiful home is ______.
Done over time.


From Heidi's Little Black Book

Go-to design shop: I love 1stdibs for vintage, Mehraban for rugs, and then Spartan Shop and Lawson Fenning

Coffee spot: Sightglass in San Francisco

Bookstore: Elliot Bay here in Seattle

Restaurant: Delfina in San Francisco for food and San Fermo in Seattle for ambiance

Hotel: Proper San Francisco because the design is incredible

Travel destination: Brazil

Weekend escape: Our cabin on Anderson Island

U.S. city: New Orleans. I lived there many years ago, and it is the best place on earth. I hope to retire there.

Next big thing on her to-do list: Vacationing in Italy with my family next summer


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