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Dina Bandman Is the Design Darling You Need to Know

DECEMBER 10, 2019
Photo credit: All photos courtesy of Dina Bandman

Based in San Francisco, Decorist Celebrity designer Dina Bandman honed her eye and aesthetic working for several top decorators before striking out on her own. It was during those years that she developed a deep appreciation for traditional interiors and classic decorating techniques. The knowledge, in turn, taught her how to bend and break the rules. The result is her bright and playful approach to the traditional look that sets her apart from many of today’s rising designers. Whether it’s a laundry room anchored in cobalt blue-and-white or a nursery outfitted with a Lucite convertible crib and lemon-tree wallpaper, her interiors are rooted in tried-and-true elegance but none too precious. 

We're thrilled to offer you an accessible way to bring Dina's sophisticated and wonderfully whimsical designs into your home. Get to know Dina a little more in our short and sweet Q&A below. 


dina bandman portrait

Tell us about your interior design trajectory. How did you find yourself here?
It was not a direct path! I attended law school before pursuing my career in interior design on the insistence of my parents. A semester in, I had a revelation. I had known I wanted to be an interior designer since the age of seven. I quickly realized it was best to pursue a career in something I was passionate about rather than what my parents wanted for me. I completed law school but enrolled in design school simultaneously. I graduated from both within a few months, but I never did anything law related.

How would you describe your aesthetic? 
Fresh traditional.


classic dining room by dina bandman

How has San Francisco inspired your design aesthetic?
Through my fellow designers within the community I’ve found here—they are always inspiring me.

Who are designers that have influenced you? 
Katie Leede, my first boss! And the one and only, Bunny Williams.

Outside of design, did you have any other muses? 
The fashionistas of the world past and present—Olivia Palermo, Jackie O, Atlantic Pacific, to name a few.


chic blue and white laundry room by dina bandman

What trends are you over?
Accent walls. 

For people who are color and pattern skeptics, you say... 
Live a little!

Any words of wisdom for your younger self?
Work for as many designers as possible.

And lastly, fill in the blank: A beautiful home is ______.


whimsical nursery with wallpaper by dina bandman

From Dina’s Little Black Book

Go-to for antiques: John Rosselli in NYC or Paris Flea Market

Favorite park: Central Park

Museum: Legion of Honor

Bookstore: Amazon

Restaurant: L’artusi

Hotel: Relais Christine or Le Sireneuse or Gramercy Park Hotel

Travel destination: Miami

Weekend escape: Big Sur

U.S. city: NYC

International cities: Paris and Rome


Love Dina’s work and aesthetic? Start a Decorist Celebrity designer project with her today and collaborate on your home design. 

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