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5 Ways to Stretch Your Decorating Dollar

DECEMBER 27, 2018
Photo credit: Design by Decorist

Redecorating your home starts off with good intentions: You’re going to stick to a planned budget... and then you start shopping. Soon, you see no less than a dozen pieces that need to be in your life now, regardless of your bank balance. You don’t have to give up on your décor dreams, however. Instead, it’s a matter of deciding what’s most worth your decorating dollar.

There are many places in your home where you’re already likely to save instead of splurge. Inexpensive throw blankets, curtains or shades, rugs, and items like shower curtains can look just as luxe as their higher-end cousins, and going for wallet-friendly options might make more sense when it comes to wear-and-tear. Beyond these easy decisions, you can maximize your budget even further—without sacrificing style—by following these five designer-approved strategies.

Create a feature wall.

Opting to add color to just one wall not only saves money on paint (or wallpaper); This decision saves time as well. You can also experiment with bolder colors that would otherwise overwhelm an interior. Dark hues, like the dramatic blue in Alexandra Evjan’s bedroom (above), make a major statement while also contrasting lighter furnishings to better show them off.


Decorate with “found” items.

Modern Coffee Table Styling

Design by Decorist Celebrity Designer Jeremiah Brent

While it’s fun to browse for interesting vintage accents, coffee table books, vases, and other small decorative flourishes, these little purchases can add up fast. Chances are, you have plenty of home accessories already in your home or apartment. Put your beginning-of-the-year energy into a Marie Kondo-inspired decluttering, then showcase your most interesting odds and ends in a bookcase. Remember: Less is always more. This vignette from Ashley Redmond’s home strikes the perfect balance of quirk and open space.


Pile on the plants.

Bathroom Shelves With Plants

Photo credit: Angela Elias, Design by Decorist

We don’t see the plant trend abating any time soon, and it’s easy to understand why. Potted plants are living, breathing accessories that are also very affordable. They bring color to an interior, but also a have a definite “presence” that other decorative objects just don’t have. For the biggest statement, either go big or mass smaller plants in a space. Take a cue from PopSugar editor Angela Elias and use plants to decorate the bathroom. The humidity within the space will also help them thrive, a plus for those new to taking care of greenery.


Make a statement with lighting.

Erin Hiemstra's Bedroom

Design by Decorist

Lighting is the “jewelry” of an interior, bringing sparkle and shine into a space. Your design strategy is similar here to styling jewelry: It’s better to focus on quality (and design) over quantity. Instead of spreading your lighting budget on many little lamps that do their job but seem a little anonymous, dedicate some dollars to an interesting design. The faceted pendant and angular task light sconce stand out beautifully in the all-white bedroom of Erin Hiemstra.


Get the most out of your tables.

 Photo credit: Tony Vu for One Kings Lane

Multifunctional furniture—like benches, ottomans, and beds with built-in storage—can stretch your budget and help save valuable floor space. However, you don’t have to look for specialty designs when the biggest multi-tasker is also the most basic: a dining table. In the Brooklyn apartment of Will Hardy, the dining table serves as a desk, a kitchen island, and an entertaining space. With dining tables available in virtually every size, shape, and price, there’s one that works for you.


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