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Bohemian Pillow Round-Up!

JULY 23, 2015

Here at Decorist, we're CRAZY about pillows! They're an easy, quick and affordable way to refresh any space. Big, small, tasseled, dyed, and the oh-so popular modcloth... they make for vivacious pops of color, intriguing textured accents, and dynamic patterned accessories. It's simply undeniable that the addition of a few fabulous pillows never fails to give life where it's lacking, pull together what may feel tired and drab, and add a bit more oomphf to your existing space!


When it comes to navigating the hundreds of options of there, Decorist Elite Designer Sarah Coombs is as close to a pro as they come. We asked her to share some of her favorite boho style pillows. And talk about eye-candy! These are simply irresistible...




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Fun, right? We can't get enough of the breezy summer variety of Sarah's selections. Don't hesitate to snatch these up and welcome some bohemian vibes into your home today!


And whatever you do, don't stop here. At their heart, pillows are about personal expression. The variety of options means countless styles with endless combinations. Never be afraid to mix and match pattern, texture, color, and price points. Explore, get creative, and with your pillows, say something amazing. 


Feeling inspired, and itching to bring some zest to an existing space? Try a Decorist makeover!

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