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Bohemian Design

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Bohemian Design

The term “bohemian” is used to describe a lot of different things. While there are some variations of bohemian that are quite a stretch when compared to where the word originates – a region in central Europe located in the Czech Republic – bohemian style in decorating is something that in many ways can trace its roots back to its geographic origination point.  Given all of the different cultural references that invoke the bohemian culture, this brief overview of bohemian design will help you identify with some things that you like and perhaps some things that you may prefer to avoid. 


1. There Are No Rules

One way in which bohemian design reflects the current cultural definition of the term is that when it comes to bohemian decorating, there are no rules.  That’s basically how the term bohemian is used to describe other things – unique, individualistic and the like are other adjectives.  When you’re designing your home in this style, incorporate your personality first and then let everything else come from that first layer.


2. Textiles Always Work

Textiles are one of the true hallmarks of bohemian design.  You simply cannot have enough of them in any room.  Choose from all different colors, designs, textures and whatever else you think would look nice.  As said, there are no rules, so drape them over furniture, hang them on the walls – hang them from the ceilings if you want – just add color and style with textiles.


3. Pillows – Lots and Lots of Pillows

If you’re looking to move towards a bohemian design, one way to work with the textiles you may have already added or are thinking about adding is to work in a big pile of throw pillows wherever possible.  Pillows serve more than one purpose, and they also offer a range of different styles and colors that will really spice up your overall look.


4. Furniture – Mix It Up

With just about every other interior decorating style, there is either an overt or a subtle push towards uniformity of look. Not the case with Bohemian decorating – you can and perhaps should mix in furniture that’s old and new, modern and classic – it’s in keeping with the bohemian tradition of individuality.


5. More is Truly More

You’ve most likely heard sayings such as, “Less is more,” or “too much of a good thing” over the years.  That’s not how it works with bohemian decorating.  You should feel free to load up your rooms with as much different ‘stuff’ as you want.  It’s the bohemian way, after all.  Doing so will also keep you adding to your rooms, which is a fun way to spend some time.


Overall, bohemian design is all about a vibrant, colorful and rich combination of hues, textures and patterns. It is joyful, spontaneous and full of life. It's about juxtapositions, unexpected pairings and inspired vignettes. If this is a look that appeals to you, work with a Decorist designer to bring this style into your space. We have designers who specialize in this very style and a room design by one of them is a just a few clicks away. Start a project today!

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