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6 Brilliant And Beautiful Black Rooms

NOVEMBER 5, 2019
Photo credit: Nicole LaMotte for One Kings Lane

Your first instinct of rooms in black might be that it's going to feel dark and maybe even a little austere. But we're here to tell you that a black backdrop can have quite the opposite effect. For instance, a black room that's filled with a mix of clean-lined designs and light upholstered pieces can feel warm and uplifting, while one accented with touches of gold and brass can instantly have an opulent look and feel.

Another surprising advantage with black rooms is that they have a way of amplifying natural light, which is a major plus, especially when the days get shorter during the winter months, all the while playing up a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. For those of you still not convinced by the bold beauty of black rooms, we've gathered our favorite spaces below that showcase how the dramatic shade can work anywhere—from your living room to the kitchen and bath. Read on to find out more and get inspired. 

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Photo by Leslee Mitchell for One Kings Lane. Interior by Pencil & Paper Co.

A Coolly Casual Living Room

Once you've decided to go with black walls in your room, the best approach with furnishings is to opt for wood pieces balanced with pops of white, as in this laid-back and family-friendly living space.

Think of black the same way you would contrast white walls with woods and other darker hues to keep the room from appearing washed-out. Having notes of white in your upholstery, seating, and even art is key to lightening up the overarching black palette. To round out your space, work in wood pieces and other bright color accents, such as pillows, art, vases, and even a vibrant rug—all of which will help to expand the focus beyond the black walls. 


Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck. Interior by Decorist Celebrity designer Jessica McCarthy

A Brightly Chic Gathering Spot

One of our favorite qualities of black rooms is how easily it lends itself to a chic and modern look. We're referring to spaces that feature beautiful streamlined pieces alongside sleek stone accents, metallic touches, and soft, luxurious textures.

This dining room reflects all of those elements, with its modern farmhouse dining furniture, gold accent mirror and stool, and sheepskin and a vintage-style rug. The black walls also bounce natural light beautifully throughout. The result is an open-feeling gathering space that has an at-ease atmosphere and a polished look. The collection of black-and-white, rock-'n-roll photographs add another dose of chic edge. 


Photo by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane. Interior by Thom Filicia.  

A Boldly Modern Kitchen

There's so much to love about an all-black kitchen, which has a way of exuding a sense of warm modernism you can't always find in its all-white counterparts. Black kitchen cabinets have a decidedly contemporary look that perfectly complements stainless steel appliances—even better than white—and black tiles, if you do take that route, have a way of reflecting light that gives them a lustrous gleam. Also for consideration: Choose white tableware and stoneware pieces to go with your black kitchen, as they will stand out beautifully against the black. 


Photo by Manuel Rodriguez for One Kings Lane. Interior by John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross.

A Warmly Elegant Sitting Room

Beyond laid-back, warm, and modern, black has traditionally been a color that lends a refined air to rooms, as evidenced by this elevated sitting room and home library. When grouped with classic decorating elements—wood paneling and molding, sofas, and chairs with nailhead trims, patent leather, and floral pillows—a black room takes on a tailored and sophisticated look. If you have wood paneling, try painting the top half black, or if you want to set off a specific area in a room, consider painting an accent wall to bring dramatic focus to one wall. 


Photo by Leslee Mitchell for One Kings Lane.

A Lavishly Glam Powder Room

With a small functional space, like your bathroom or a walk-in closet, you can play up a stylish and dramatic mood with black walls all around. Brass and gold notes, along with hardware, will truly shine in small black-painted spaces, instantly giving them polished, even glamorous appeal. Take a cue from this compact powder room, where a sculptural gold mirror and brass sconce make for few but lavish statements.


Photo by Leslee Mitchell for One Kings Lane.

A Deeply Cozy Guest Room

Whether in the bedroom or a guest bedroom, black can provide an embracing effect that promotes comfort and coziness. If you're reluctant to opt for the shade in your bedroom, try it out in a guest bedroom, where you can easily play up, or down, your furnishings for either a spare or layered look and feel. We're of the clean-lined approach in an all-black guest room with a curated selection of graphic bedding and art, as in this quiet den. 


Inspired to repaint but not sold on going all black in your rooms? A Decorist designer can work with you to find the right hue for your spaces through our Design Services today!




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