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Behind the Design: PureWow's Stunning Podcast Makeover

DECEMBER 19, 2018
Photo credit: Reid Rolls

It's not everyday that we get tapped to design a state-of-the-art recording studio for a major lifestyle brand. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity when PureWow asked us to design their parent company Gallery Media Group's new podcast studio. Despite being brand new, the studio needed a major overhaul with creative rethinking and space planning. The room was a windowless, wire-strewn, gray box that had to accommodate hi-tech equipment and sound proofing but still be stylish enough for the hippest of guests. 

We knew the project was going to be a challenge so we called in one of our experts—Decorist Celebrity Designer Max Humphrey — to reimage the space. Since the studio is home to a handful of podcasts, it was important for the space to feel approachable and gender neutral. We partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to provide stylish furnishings and layered in a few addtional pieces from smaller vendors and artisans.

So sit back, scroll through to see the before and afters and how Max transformed the space into one of the most stylish studios ever!


The design process began when Max received pictures of the existing studio. It was drab, full of equipment and utilitarian, to say the least. The grey sound proof walls, flooring and lighting could not be changed. This was a design challenge clearly fit for a pro.



 After filling out their questionnaire and providing inspiration and measurements, Max got to work on his design boards. The PureWow team wanted a posh, lived-in lounge vibe where form met functionality. Max's design was a clean, mid-century look with some industrial elements that would cater to the studio's location of Long Island City, New York.



For the layout, Max came up with the brilliant idea to split the room into two separate spaces where one side would serve as the lounge area and the other side would be the work area for the mixing board and audio technology. The lounge area would have most of the furnishings with comfortable and ample seating for hosts and guests, a coffee table and side tables and an impressive media console



The first thing Max did was create the faux wall to partition off the two zones. The hard part? Since the room could not have any significant structural changes, Max cleverly designed a rolling partition wall out of 2x4's including a paneling-like effect and fastened it to casters. He suggested painting the wall a soft, creamy blue from Clare paints to bring some much needed warmth and color to the space.

Max layered materials, textiles and patterns playing off the industrial vibe of the building and surrounding neighborhood. He mixed metals and wood finishes to make the space feel masculine while using softer patterns and colors to play to the more feminine side. The overall gender neutral vibe is the perfect backdrop for the handful of podcasts that will be using the space.

To change things up, the PureWow team wanted a variety of pillow options to customize looks for each podcast. Therefore, Max curated several pillows assortments (not all shown) to play with, such as mud cloth, linen, leopard print, plaids, velvets and ikats which could be switched from podcast to podcast for a fresh look that would fit each show and their guests.

By layering a neutral wool tribal patterned rug from Bed Bath & Beyond on top of the industrial carpeting, Max gave the space an instant coziness. He added wall art sourced from local artists through Minted. The large modern abstract adds a dream-like feel with blue hues playing off the warmth of the faux wall. The cityscape below captures the hustle of the neighborhood in which they are located.

The only non-gray sound proof wall was the long white wall—the control room facing wall—opposite the doorway. Max suggested wallpapering the long wall in a subtle, geometric pattern called Palma from Hygge & West which create another nice pop of color for the room.

Like any good podcast studio, there is a lot of equipment so Max selected this sleek, mid-century-inspired console from Bed Bath & Beyond to sit beneath the oversized flat screen.

 And if you're feeling inspired to get your own home, office or commerical space looking chic and fabulouse? Then start a design project with Decorist today. We have over 400 designer who would be happy to design your dream space. Happy Decorating!

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