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Behind the Design: A Colorful Mid-Century Modern Living Room

JULY 9, 2017
Photo credit: Decorist 3D


The Project:  A casual open concept living room used for unwinding and entertaining

The Clients: A young stylish couple with a flare for color and mid-century modern design

The Designer: Jessica McCarthy, Decorist Elite designer

The Budget: $5,000

Decorating a new home can sometimes seem overwhelming. For some people they maybe starting from scratch and for others they may own a few pieces but need help buying a few more and pulling it all together. The latter was the case for a young couple living in Austin who came to Decorist for help with their living room.

With busy jobs and travel schedules, they didn't have time for all those time consuming face-to-face meetings with a traditional designer and instead wanted design help that was fast and easy. After choosing Decorist Elite designer Jessica McCarthy the design process quickly got started!

The couple knew they wanted a mid-century modern living room with lots of color and personality. However, because it was open to the dining room, it had to flow between the two spaces. One of the main objectives for the couple was for the living room to feel warm and cozy. They wanted a refuge where they could relax and watch a movie but also a fun and inviting space for entertaining.

Jessica knew her goal would be to create a seamless and cohesive design between the two rooms while maintaining definition between the spaces. With an open floor plan it was important to distinguish the living space from the other yet have them flow at the same time. 

Concept A 



Polka Dot Party: This first concept is inspired by the polka dot rug. The rug brings all the colors together not limiting the palette to just a few colors. A gallery wall adds interest around the TV and the pillows pull in the colors from the chair and the sheep skin stools provide more seating for guests.


Concept B

Mid-Century Neutral: For your second concept, I wanted to tone things down. I have layered a cowhide with a jute rug and added a sheepskin chair. Two globe pendants keep with the mid century modern theme along with geometric pillows and again a gallery wall. 


After collaborating on ideas and working closely with Jessica, the couple received their final room design.


The Reveal—Final Design!

To create a seamless design between the living room and dining room, Jessica used an accent wall of marbled metallic wallpaper on the long wall connecting the two spaces to help create a cohesive and fresh look throughout.

Jessica chose a neutral rug to ground the space and would allow the wallpaper, art and accessories to shine. The colorful patterned pillows like this one and this one help pull in all the colors from the gallery wall and the art above the fireplace.

The vintage candle sticks gathered on the hearth of the fireplace to create a elevated and sophisticated look that contrasts with the playfulness of the artwork. For the gallery wall, Jessica added some gold shelving to break up the framed art and give extra shelving space for accessories. By hanging the globe pendant offset in the corner above the chair, it adds a fun whimsical element to the room.

Now if you're needing help pulling your own living room or any room in your home together then start a Decorist design project today. Our 400 plus designers are great at all design aesthetic and are eager to help make your house into a happy, cozy home. Happy Decorating!

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