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12 Ideas For Beautiful White Bathrooms

DECEMBER 27, 2019
Photo credit: Photo by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane

More than any other room in your home, your bathroom should be a relaxing oasis. It's where you start and end your days, so make it as stylish and inviting as it is practical. There's no denying the pure beauty of all-white bathrooms. They always look chic and exude a sense of calm, and you can easily design it in your style, be it contemporary or boho. For inspiration, we've rounded up some of our favorite white bathrooms below. Read on to see the spaces and get our quick tips for decorating your own soothing escape. 

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modern small bathroom
Photo by Julia Sperling.

Set A Vibrant Scene

A little greenery can go a long way in a small white bathroom. Whether it's potted aloe or vase of flowers on the sink counter or cacti arranged on open shelves, an array of plants will instantly liven up your bath. Don't exactly have a green thumb? Add a landscape, floral, or botanical print for an equally visual and vibrant touch.


small black-and-white bathroom
Photo by Lesley Unruh.

Think Black & White

One of our favorite bathroom renovation ideas is subway tiles with black grouting. No matter the size of your bath or shower, it's a look that never goes out of style, and it works beautifully with gold fixtures and hardware. Another decor touch that's always a good idea? A black-and-white bath mat that adds a little pattern and interest from the ground up. 


white bathroom with wallpaperPhoto by Leslee Mitchell.

Get Whimsical With Wallpaper

Instead of an elaborate and colorful wallpaper, take a tonal approach with a black-and-white covering. We love designs with simple lines versus bold geometrics, which will play up a charming look and give your white bathroom an open and airy vibe. 


boho style small bathroom
Photo by Jonny Valiant.

Layer In Some Vintage

Sometimes a bathroom has excellent bones but feels a little dated. Sound familiar? If that's the case for you, try taking a vintage approach with your decor, which will play to your bathroom's strengths. Try bringing in vintage pendants and flatweave rugs, as in this bungalow bathroom, to create contrast and usher in a warm and collected look.


polished bathroom vanity
Photo by Vivian Lin. Interior by Decorist Elite designer Lauren Martin.

Add Artful Focal Points

If you have a double vanity with lots of countertop space, turn the surface into an instant showcase by leaning some art and arranging some greenery. It's a simple way to create focal points that add visual interest to your bathroom. And the best part is that you can swap out these accents with the seasons change up the ambiance as needed.


decorist showhouse master bathroom design

Elevate With Modern Furniture

Furniture in the bathroom takes a bath from everyday primp space to elevated escape. And let's just say it doesn't get more luxurious than a spacious white bathroom furnished with Mid-Century and Scandinavian-style designs. Their clean-lined silhouettes have a minimal edge that makes them right at home inside a crisp and pristine white bathroom.


charming small bathroom
Photo by Lesley Unruh.

Bring In Chic Accent Pieces 

Sometimes with bathrooms in apartments and small homes, everything is great except for the floor tiles—there might be some chips and cracks. A stylish solution is to shift the focus to pretty accent pieces, like a small stool and a colorful vintage bath mat. It's all about embracing the minor imperfections of an existing bathroom and bringing in a new perspective!


simple chic white bathroom
Photo by Lesley Unruh.

Finish With Brass Touches

Replacing hardware and fixtures is a simple bathroom upgrade that doesn't get enough credit. Polished and antiqued brass pieces are naturally elegant in a white bathroom, and they can usher in warmth in a way that only metallics and gold-finishes do. If new hardware is out of the question, hang gold-framed prints for a similar touch of shine.


elevated master bathroom vanityPhoto by Lesley Unruh.

Work In Natural Textures

Woven accents made of rope, sisal, jute, and natural fibers make for cozy touches in a bathroom. What's great is that they add both visual texture and a nautical feel, perfect if you love rooms that have a seaside nod. Take a cue from this open master bath and seek out rope mirrors, or pull in a big basket for a hamper or use it to hold clean, rolled-up towels.   


stylish diy bathroom
Photo by Manuel Rodriguez.

Get Bold With Your Floors

Not happy with your bathroom floors but can't commit to the cost of a full makeover? Consider peel-and-stick removable floor tiles. It's a budget-friendly alternative to real tiles that looks just as chic, and they're designed to last. If you're living in a long-term rental or are saving up for a major reno, this is a game-changer. In a white bathroom, try a neutral geometric pattern to add impact that doesn't overpower your space.


small black and white bathroom vanity
Photo courtesy of Decorist Elite designer Liz Foster.

Consider Matte Details

We've already talked up the beauty of a black-and-white bathroom and beautiful hardware. So, naturally, when you combine these in a bathroom, you're bound to end up with a high-contrast and high-style space. Instead of gleaming fixtures, however, opt for mirrors, sconces, and cabinet pulls in matte finishing for a boldly modern look. For that extra oomph, opt for graphic black-and-white floor tiles. 


refined white master bathroomPhoto by Erica George Dines

Mix In Refined Elements

A freestanding porcelain tub is a master bath dream come true if you have space for one. It's the perfect sculptural centerpiece in an all-white bath, and you can dress it up or down to suit your aesthetic. Lean a towel ladder against a wall and bring in some greenery for an eclectic look, or we love the elegant juxtaposition of antique pieces in a pristine bath.


Feeling inspired to start fresh with a bath makeover or just ready to redesign your spaces? Check out our Design Services and start a collaboration with a Decorist designer today!

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