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12 Simple And Beautiful Bay Window Ideas

MAY 5, 2022
Photo credit: Architectural Digest, Beata Heuman

Bay windows make for stunning interior design elements in a home. They provide gorgeous architecture, lots of natural light, and the space around it can be used in many creative ways. It’s easy to see why it’s a space many designers enjoy outfitting. 

From built-in reading corners to stylish breakfast nooks, there’s no shortage of inspiring bay window ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. But it can still be a challenge figuring out how to decorate around a bay window in your own home. Should the space serve as more of a secondary seating area or reading nook that provides escape? Or does it need to function as an everyday space, like a dining area or a mini home gyum, that is suited to your daily living needs? Those are big questions to tackle and answer before diving into your bay window design. 

To provide some guidance and inspiration, we’re here to help with some of our favorite bay window decorating ideas. Find out more with our stylish bay window tips below. 


Create A Conversation Nook

Image credit: MyDomaine

When it comes to simple and stylish bay window ideas, consider a classic conversation area with a pair of comfy armchairs. 

The style of your seating is up to you—a pair of armless slipper chairs offers an airy, elegant look, while wing chairs have more formal appeal. Just be sure to measure your chairs for size to make sure they fit in your bay window space. To round out a bay window conversation corner, pull in an accent or drinks table, which provides the perfect surface for setting down a drink, a book, and your phone. 


Make It Your Living Backdrop

Most bay windows are located off to one side of a living or dining space. If you’re drawing a blank on how to decorate around a bay window in a room, try using it as a background view instead. 

Arrange your living room seating, such as your sofa or a pair of accent chairs, a few feet in front of the bay windows. This helps frame the windows within your space. Alternatively, you can also tuck a sofa or loveseat that fits into your bay window nook. The key is to leave the bay windows unobstructed but making sure to furnish the area around it to draw attention to the views outside.


Set Up A Bar Nook

Transform bay windows into an entertaining spot. Pulling in a bar cart, setting up a drop-leaf table or console for a drinks station, and adding a low cabinet cocktails and glasses are just a few easy bay window ideas to do that. 

If you’re opting for a bar cart, choose one with casters that allow you to have a moveable serving station for when you entertain guests and big parties. Pair the bar cart with an armchair—when it’s not in use and stationed at the bay windows, it can function as a side table and surface for the seat. Instant bar corner turned reading nook. 


Build Out A Reading Corner

Image credit: MyDomaine

Speaking of reading nooks… It’s among our favorite bay window ideas that make the most stylish use of the space. 

Whether it’s with a built-in banquette and cushion top or by adding a comfy loveseat with an accent table, bay windows are the perfect for a light-filled reading spot. If you’re going with a built-in bench, consider giving it an inside compartment under the seat to maximize storage and use. No matter how you approach a bay window reading nook, make it a point to warm it up with colorful pillows, curtains, and throw blanket for an extra cozy finishing touch. 


Design A Breakfast Nook

Image credit: yfi custom

As far as bay window decorating ideas go, a breakfast nook with all-around views ranks up there with the reading corner. It’s one of the most popular bay window ideas we’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

It’s easy to see why: Bay windows, with their alcove-like space, is perfect for setting up a family-friendly dining spot—or a place for kids to do their homework. You can start by adding a built-in banquette or tucking a bench under the bay windows, then round it out with a long table surrounded by dining chairs. It’s a creative way to maximize bay windows in an open kitchen space especially if you don’t have a separate dining room for meals. The best part? You’ll get tons of natural light, making it a perfect spot for morning coffee and afternoon breaks.  


Add A Dine-In Kitchen Spot

Image credit: Remodelista

There’s good reason that bay window Ideas many bay window ideas center on an open kitchen dining space. A dining nook with bay windows makes for a functional, stylish, and casual place for meals that works best with everyday living. 

When designing an open dine-in nook, take versatility into consideration. A round or oval table or one with extendable leaves will provide flexibility for hosting both casual dinners and big gatherings. Try anchoring your space with a light and neutral color palette for seamless integration with the rest of your kitchen. Or if you’re big on color, stick to a classic color pairing, like blue and white, then layer in soft bursts of cool tones and neutrals in the pillows, art, curtains, and accessories to round out your space with a lively look.


Work In An Office With A View

Image credit: Homedit

Among designers’ favorite bay window ideas is creating a home office with views of the outdoors. Whether it’s a desk that looks out beyond bay windows, or one that’s placed with the scenery as a backdrop, it makes for an elegant and light-filled home office set  up in any home.

With a bay window office, the key is finding the right size desk for your space. One that tucks perfectly into your bay window nook will help frame your view; if you’re planning on floating a desk in front of the windows, consider one with an open base design, which will give an airier look. Then ground it all with a stylish rug to clearly zone out your workspace. Try to keep accents and other decor—heavy curtains, big artwork, and patterned pieces—to a minimum to not block the view—the scenery outside is ultimately the most important decor element for your office area. 


Zone Out A Play Area For Kids

Image credit: Decorpad

If you live in a home with children, look to creative bay window ideas to carve out a play area for the kids with tons of natural light and space.  

For a play area under bay windows, safety comes first. Make sure to babyproof and secure all the windows, especially if they are large and within your children’s reach. From there, how you choose to fill out the space is up to you. A few practical options might be a storage piece for toys, books, and games, a soft rug that provides padding on the ground and also sets apart the space from the rest of the room, or a mini table with chairs for them to do crafts on. The thing to remember? Keep it fun and colorful, which will inspire them and brighten the space.


Arrange A Plant Corner

Image credit: HGTV

Bay windows aren’t only limited to large home and family houses. Many apartments also come with them as a design element. There are equally as many inspiring small bay window ideas, but our favorite is filling it with lots of plants and greenery. 

Think of it as a mini sunroom or greenhouse space in the home, where you can curate and grow different plants as part of your vibrant decor. The bay windows provide plenty of natural sunlight for your plants, while the space acts as a bridge between your indoors and the outside, bringing an organic element into your home. Mix tall leafy greenery with smaller potted plants, cacti, and vines. You can display them on tables, pedestals, a bar cart, or a mix of all of the above. With a plant corner, the more eclectic the better. 


Designate A Workout Zone

While we’re on small bay window ideas, we’ve loved seeing people turn these nooks into mini home gyms and workout zones over the course of the pandemic. 

Bay window nooks make for a perfect sized corner for laying down a yoga mat, stationing a workout bike, or adding a benchpress for daily exercise. If your space allows for it, consider adding a floor length mirror to bring the full look of a gym to the space. 


Style Out A Dressing Area

For bay window ideas in the bedroom, there’s no denying the glamour of a dressing area surrounded by open views of the outside. 

You can easily deck out bay windows in the bedroom with heavy floor-length curtains, a tall standing mirror, and a large cocktail ottoman that’s at the ready for getting dressed. If you have the space, you can also pull in a pretty accent chair and a side table. Make it a point to bring in furnishings with elegant details, such as lustrous velvets, brass and mirrored notes, and luxe neutrals and chic colors like grays, turquoise, and shades of bold purple and blue. The final layer? A soft and beautifully textured rug to anchor it all and giving it the look of a room within a room. 


Go For A Cozy Bedroom Nook

The most classic of bedroom bay window Ideas is to outfit a comfy conversation and reading corner alongside your bed. 

As far as bay window decorating ideas go, this is perhaps the most timeless and tried-and-true. A beautifully arranged seating area in the bedroom makes it feel instantly elevated and inviting. Start with an upholstered armchair—or a pair of them—along with footstools for ottomans, then pull in a side table to round out the furnishings. To play up a restful and cozy feeling, layer in luxurious pillows and throws for some added color, texture, and warmth.  


Need some expert guidance on how to decorate around a bay window? Start collaborating with one of our Decorist designers now!

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