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Bathroom Design & Technology

JULY 20, 2016

Bathroom Features

Few rooms in a home have changed more drastically over the years in terms of their design than the bathroom.  What used to be nothing more than a completely utilitarian space has now become a room that invites luxury and style.  It’s also possible to incorporate these qualities without spending too much money.  That said, there are still some questions that should be pondered and answered before you begin your bathroom design.  We’ll present some examples of these questions below and provide some suggestions for them.  We’ll also provide you with some information regarding how you can take that next step towards getting started if you’re ready to do so.


Technology – Does It Belong In the Bathroom?

One of the questions that’s been coming up more often recently as people have tried to decide on bathroom features is one which involves technology.  Is it appropriate to add a television set, a radio and perhaps the ability to connect to the Internet in the bathroom?  The answer to that really depends on what you intend to do in there.  If you’re one who enjoys long bubble baths and you want some soothing music to help you relax, then you have your answer.  You need to decide what works for you and move forward from there.


A Sitting Area – Does It Work For You?

Many people just want to get into the bathroom and shower and be on their way.  Others want to take their time and perhaps see this space as more of one where they get ready for an evening out, for example.  This may involve a couch, a chair or some other place to sit, much like you see in restaurants and hotels.  Bathroom features such as furniture to create a sitting area are becoming more and more popular these days.


Temperature Control – Do You Need It?

Some people live in parts of the country where the bathroom can be extremely cold, especially early in the morning and especially if the floor is made of tile.  Bathroom design often includes some form of temperature control specific to that room, and you can add a feature such as heated floors.  This will make all the difference in your overall experience as you get up in the morning.  Of course, there are other ways to manage the temperature in that space.


Bathroom Design - Work With A Professional

You may have other questions that relate to your bathroom design.  You may want more clarification on the questions that are presented above.  You may just want to have access to a resource that will help you as those inevitable questions arise during your project.  Whatever the case, start a bathroom project and your Decorist designer will help you design the bathroom of your dreams.  Get started today!


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