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Are You Truly Gifted? What Your Holiday Decorating Style Says About You.

NOVEMBER 23, 2015

No twisting our arm, this time of year is full of great excuses to go all out. Dressing up our living spaces for the holiday season certainly tops the list. Needless to say, we're in.

Whether your holiday style is clearly defined or you’re still carving out a signature look, your vision for the perfect holiday backdrop says a lot about you. Find your favorite style below and see if we’ve got you pegged!


Metal Musings


Metallic Holiday Decorating Ideas

Photo credit: Harper'sBazaar, Suzanne Kasler


“the life of the party”

You opt for a little glam where you can get it…and we totally get it. Metallics in either monochromatic or mixed metal tones is the a perfect celebratory expression. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, we have a hunch you’ll play it to the hilt this season.

Design tip: Look to your jewelry wardrobe for inspiration on how to layer and mix metals. Just like in fashion, rules are meant to be broken. 


Earth Tones, Naturally


Holiday Decorating with Natural Earth Tones

Photo credit:


“the peacemaker”

Simplicity is your thing. Serenity is your true center. Your pragmatism saves many a mishap and you are sought after for your sage advice. You value friendship above all and find a way to make every guest feel welcome.

Design tip: Your subject matter can do as much for setting a natural tone as your palette does. Bring a elements of the outdoors in for a rustic-modern vibe. This rustic look is one of our favorite ways to dress up your table. See more perfectly stylish table setting


Starry Night Blues


Blue Holiday Candles

Photo credit: Eddy Ross


“the maverick”

You’ve been called quirky and you take it as a compliment. Trust us, it is. Your original ideas and willingness to pave your own path are evident in your personal style and your positive attitude. You are currently experiencing your next aha! moment.

Design tip: Rather than combining many blues, choose a single shade (be it deep indigo, periwinkle or turquoise) and add tonal variations on the same shade. 


Winter White Out


Wintery White Table Setting


“the visionary”

You seek harmony in your living space and your life. You follow the path less traveled and look for balance in your work and living spaces. Your big-picture thinking and optimism are an inspiration to many.

Design tip: Thoughtfully integrate matte white and glossy white finishes for subtle contrast and added dimension.  Don't worry if all the shades of white are not the same.


Seeing Red and Going Green


Traditional Holiday Colors

Photo credit: Martha Stewart


“the loyalist”

You are best friend to many and the keeper of traditions both old and new. You have your priorities straight and just where you want them, but you’ll drop everything for the next person in need. Your home is your sanctuary. Your family? The center of your world.

Design tip: Try grouping reds together in one area and greens in a separate space to create focal points that give the eye a resting spot. Or choose one dominant color and lightly pepper your second color throughout.


Go Graphic or Go Home


Black & White Holiday Decoration


“the head honcho”

It’s all or nothing with you and that’s what makes you the leader everyone loves to follow. You have the self-confidence to speak your mind and the moxie to buck tradition and start your own fabulous trends. We bow down!

Design tip: Given that this dramatic palette doesn’t necessarily scream “’tis the season”, consider tying in a motif that visually conveys it’s holiday time. Think: candy can stripes or Christmas tree stencils.


Pretty In Pink


Traditional Holiday Decorating

Photo credit: theperfectpalette, redonline, the georgiapeach


"always a BFF"

You embrace new looks as easily as a change of clothes on Friday night, and you never met a shade of pink you didn't love.   Highly social, you love to be loved and reciprocate at every chance.  Butterfly did you say?  You'll take yours in the palest shades of yellow, green and blue.    

Design tip: Keep to two to three pastel colors so it does not end up looking like a preschool project gone awry!


Want to mix up your Holiday design style and get the room you've always wanted? Get started on your Decorist Design Project today. 

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