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A PopSugar Editor's Nursery and Kids Bedroom Makeover

JULY 30, 2019
Photo credit: All photos by Carol Vaziri

We first connected with PopSugar content director Angela Elias when we remodeled a small bathroom in her Bay Area home. When she let us know that her family of three will soon be welcoming a second little boy, we were thrilled for the busy momma and ready to help with all her baby decor needs. 

One of the biggest challenges for Angela was figuring out how to fit a nursery into her tiny two-bedroom home. Her son occupied the other bedroom, so the only choice was to turn it into a shared kids space with the nursery. She knew she had to get creative with a functional redesign, making sure to maximize every square inch of floor and storage space. At the same time, she wanted the room to feel fun and playful for the kids but also cozy and personal for the family.

Step in Decorist Elite designer Briana Nix, who knew exactly how to tackle Angela’s dilemma. A mother to a baby and toddler herself, Briana had designed a shared kids bedroom in her own home. So, she fully understood Angela’s desires for a functional and cohesive space. To bring Angela's vision to life, Briana teamed up with buybuyBaby and transformed the space with nursery essentials, child-friendly furnishings, and space-saving storage in a layout optimized for two. The result is a shared kids room that checks all of Angela’s design boxes. Read on for a peek inside Briana’s design below.


Briana was able to introduce a fully functional nursery into Angela’s existing toddler bedroom by arranging a twin bed and a crib in a smart L-shaped layout. In doing so, she was able to establish distinct areas personalized for each child —no small feat given the square footage constraints. 


To minimize the furniture footprint in the room, Briana brought in smart vertical storage in the form of a modular standing bookcase. Deep cubbies allow for toy bins to be neatly stowed away but also within reach. Meanwhile, adorable artwork, colorful children books, and close-to-heart decorative objects have pride of place higher up in the bookcase and are kept out of harm’s way. By using a vertical storage piece, Briana was also able to make the room appear more spacious. 


For colorful contrast and to add a personal touch, Briana incorporated flags that nod to Angela’s and her husband’s California and Oregon roots, respectively. It was the colors in the flags that inspired the room’s overarching palette of black, white, green, and pops of red. These are carried through in the simple clean-lined pieces in warm white tones, the striped blanket and red pillow, and soft sage green wall color. It all adds up to a cohesive look and feel in the new shared space. 


To play up big comfort and a sense of coziness, Briana laid down a nubby rug, a black cowhide, and a moveable sheepskin to create a soft foundation from the ground up. She then pulled in a rocking armchair that multi-tasks as a comfy nursing glider and a spot for bedtime stories. It’s paired with a woven rattan side table that makes for a versatile kid-friendly accent and a functional surface for books and baby bottles alike.


Briana also added a midcentury-style dresser with deep drawers that provides additional storage for clothing and blankets. The dresser’s wide surface also doubles as a changing station when needed. 

The raised base of the dresser lends a sense of verticality and directs the focus upward to a calming ocean photo. The print is part of several scenic photographs that make for pretty focal points in the room. They also reflect Angela and her husband’s shared love for exploring the outdoors and the natural beauty of California and the Pacific Northwest.


A lot of thought went into giving the space a light, restful vibe. From the practical storage pieces and polished bedroom furnishings to the plush rugs and personal touches, Briana was able to make the most of the small space. Since our design, baby number two was born, and Angela (above) and her husband now have a functional and stylish kids room that will grow with the little boys. We hear they’re loving it, too.


Looking for an affordable way to design a nursery fast? Start a Decorist for buybuyBaby project today with one of our trusted designers to create the perfect space for you and your little one.





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