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A Must-See Bali-Inspired Bungalow Bedroom Makeover

Photo credit: Carla Choy

See how we transformed this bedroom from blah to beautiful and bold, inspired by a Bali bungalow vacation retreat for TV celebrity Audrina Patridge.

Featured in People Magazine

This month marked two big milestones for Audrina Patridge, one of the original reality TV stars - the 10th anniversary of TV hit The Hills, which she starred in, and the birth of her first child. She and her fiance Cory Bonham recently moved into a new home together in Southern California and with baby on the way, needed some help to quickly get her home ready.

Audrina had heard rave reviews about Decorist and contacted us to help make over her master bedroom - with a request: given the baby's due date, the project needed to be complete within a month. Decorist designer Ashley Redmond was unfazed and immediately started on transforming Audrina's bedroom into the Bali-inspired sanctuary Audrina had hoped for. The design was done in a week and the room was installed just in time for the birth of baby Kirra!

Photo credit: Carla Choy


Here is how the process worked:

1. Questionnaire, Measurements, Before Photos + Inspiration

After filling out her style questionnaire, Audrina shared her "before" images of the space:

Audrina's bedroom was a good size with great natural light, but was largely filled with a mismash of furniture from previous homes. Audrina had seen a beautiful carved wooden headboard but wasn't sure on how to make it work within her bedroom. She loved the casual, beachy look of Bali-inspired designs and gave the Pinterest pins below to Ashley as her inspiration:


2. Concept Boards

Because this design process had to happen in record time, Ashley worked closely with Audrina - often multiple times a day - to get her design ready. As such, she had to skip the usual 2 different concept boards that all Decorist designers present to their clients and instead presented Audrina with the final design (which she loved!) before starting the installation.


3. Final Design

Ashley's final design is a beautiful show-stopper, with the carved statement headboard that Audrina loved as the focal point of the room. While traditional Bali-inspired rooms showcase dark wood, Ashley's design is fresh take, with light woods, layers of texture and intricate prints. One highlight is the antique brass lotus light feature, which casts a soft amber glow over the room when it get dark. Another chic unexpected choice: crocodile-textured wallpaper in a dark midnight blue.

"We watch TV, and play with the baby, and hang out and talk. It’s like our cozy little getaway. I love it."

Want a tropical vacation-inspired bedroom makeover of your own? Work with any one of our designers to transform your bedroom and make every day a staycation.

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