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A Modern Design for a 1950's California Hillside Home

JULY 28, 2017
Photo credit: Image via Caitlin Ghajar

At Decorist we feel very fortunate to work with incredibly talented designers. We always love seeing their creative and inspiring designs, so we weren't surprised when we heard that Decorist Elite designer Caitlin Jones Ghajar was nominated for HGTV's Faces of Design Award for her recent contemporary home project that included some of the most gorgeous sweeping coastal views. 

So step inside this Northern California coastal home and hear first-hand some of Caitlin’s design secrets in the process—it might just inspire you to start your own home project or help you plan for that space of your dreams! And you can learn more about Caitlin's project in Rue Magazine.

What was the vision for this design?

With such a stunning setting the overaching goal was to create a serene, relaxing space to entertain as well as enjoy the breathtaking coastal view. By taking inspiration from the surrounding environment, I was able to pulling in blue, green, gray and various neutrals to complement the landscape. A beautiful, functional kitchen was eqaully important as my clients love to cook and entertain.



The house has such clean and modern lines. How did you make it feel cozy and feel like a family house?

By playing up textures in design—mohair, chenille, cowhide, walnut, limestone, etc—you can make a space feel warm and cozy. The materials choosen were all neutral and simple, but the texture makes it feel incredibly organic. Also a big priority was for the furniture to be comfortable. It's the worst when you walk in somewhere and everything looks gorgeous, but then you sit down only to find that you can't wait to get back up. 



Do you have a favorite room in this house?

It's sort of three spaces in one—a family room, sitting area and dining room. The view is panoramatic from Mt. Tamalpais all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. The room boasts a mix of luxury and more relaxed vibes. When I design I like to balanced high and low, old and new, modern and vintage. It give a space character and warmth.



Some of your projects range from a more traditional look to a luxe minimal vibe. How do you decide when to add and when to subtract to a certain look?

I believe that design is very intuitive. I really like to feel how the clients live—capturing what works, what doesn't and what is their intrinsic style. My happiest moment as a designer is to give clients an end result that, as Albert Hadley said, “helps clients realize more than they thought possible within the framework of their own tastes. Ideas come from exchanges.” At the end of the day, not every project is my own personal style, but it brings me great joy to make the clients completely happy in their environment.


Feeling inspired? Pop over to Caitlin's page to start your own Decorist design project with her today!  And, of course, be sure to show your love by voting for Caitlin in the HGTV Faces of Design Award




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