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Before and After: Our CEO's Luxe Modern-Eclectic Living Room

JANUARY 25, 2018

When our CEO Gretchen Hansen moved into her new house, it had a lot of things going for it: It was spacious, received tons of natural light, and had a great flow from room to room. In terms of decor, however, the finishes were outdated and drab. In addition, she wanted to bring her furniture more in line with the architecture and style of the house. She has great taste and knows what she likes, but decided she needed a little help, starting with her living room.

Naturally, Gretchen decided to tap Decorist’s own designers to help pull her room together. We matched Gretchen client up with Decorist Celebrity designer Tamara Honey, who transformed the room into a modern-eclectic stunner, with glam touches throughout. Tamara collaborated with her throughout the entire process, sending her ideas, and getting her feedback and input at each step. The end result? A gorgeous new living room and a very happy client.

Here's how the process worked...

Step 1: Sharing Before Photos, Inspiration, and Measurements, and Answering a Quick Q&A

Gretchen sent Tamara a few before photos, taken from her phone. The room had outdated features like a tile floor (yikes!) but lots of potential. The current layout isn't ideal since you walk straight into the back of one of the sofas—Tamara immediately began thinking about a new layout and creating a focal point.

Gretchen's home, pictured with the previous owner's furnishings. Walls were subsequently lightly remodeled.

Gretchen had a Pinterest board of ideas that she liked but told Tamara she didn't know how to combine natural, vintage, and Art Deco elements into the modern design she wanted. Her attempts at pulling the room together herself had resulted in numerous purchases and returns (and much frustration).


Step 2: Collaborating With the Designer to Get a Final Concept You Love

Working off of the provided inspiration, specifications, and budget, Tamara pulled together two concepts for Gretchen to review. Based on the total budget Gretchen had set, Tamara mixed in investment pieces with cheap-and-chic finds. From the two different initial concepts Tamara sent, Gretchen tagged the ideas she liked and added comments or questions for Tamara. Two unique vintage chairs made of wood Tamara found got the thumbs up, but a black credenza with brass accents needed a second option. Both concepts were within the total budget that Gretchen set.

Tamara communicated closely with Gretchen throughout the entire project, sending her ideas for feedback via our online messaging platform. Because Gretchen was traveling for part of the time during this project, the messaging platform was a great way to work with Tamara whenever she had a few minutes.



Based on all the feedback and input our client provided, Tamara created a final concept that included Gretchen’s favorite ideas from each concept. With a neutral color palette and a harmonious balance of vintage items and gold Art Deco accents, the final design is a warm, sophisticated, comfortable, and luxe living space. It's also perfect for entertaining—ideal for her family of five, with a dual-sofa plan and plenty of spare seating.


Step 3: Shopping for All the Items + Free Shipping!

Tamara's design combines items from retail brands, online vintage shops, one-of-a-kind pieces, and a few custom items. However, our single checkout process allowed Gretchen to purchase everything in the same transaction—with the same prices she would otherwise find at each retailer. Plus, as an added bonus, everything that could be shipped via regular mail was shipped free.

In the end, Gretchen also changed her mind about a few accessories and ended up not purchasing them. All our clients have the flexibility of purchasing some, none, or all items from the final concept.


Step 4: Installing the Finished Room Design

Once everything arrived, Gretchen was able to quickly put the room together using the detailed instructions and room layout Tamara had provided. The finished room is a gorgeous space and a beautiful reflection of our client's personal style. In fact, she loved the room so much, she started working with Tamara right away in another room in the house! 

"Tamara was so great to work with! I had all these ideas in my head which never seemed to come together when I tried decorating myself. Tamara took all my ideas and feedback and gave me the room I always wanted, but even better than what I had imagined!" - Gretchen Hansen

Want to get started on a room makeover of your own? Hire a Decorist designer for as little as $299/room.

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