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A Boldly Bohemian Design For A Young Family

FEBRUARY 21, 2017
Photo credit: Belathee

We're super excited to have Jillian Scott on board as one of our newer Elite designers. Having lived in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest she has this uncanny ability to create designs that are cozy, laid back and yet have a modern sensability mixed with a litttle mid-century, a little vintage and a little glam where ever possible. Jillian is dedicated to creating interior spaces that feel both personal and inviting, beautiful yet totally unfussy.

When Jillian moved her young family to Seattle  she designed to take on the ultimate project of designing her new home. With a beautiful spread featured in Rue Magazine, Jillian shows off her design chops with a home that will have you drooling. 

Today, we ask Jillian to take us on a tour of her beautiful Seattle home and to give us a few tips on how created that eclectic bohemian look.

Texture and Pattern is Your Friend

Seattle is so often gray so I kept the walls white and then layered in natural fabrics in neutral tones and played with pattern and color with the pillows and accessories.


Use Bold Lighting 

Every room needs illumination and lighting is a great way to add some unexpected drama. I like to customize lampshades with interesting textiles, it creates visual interest and is way less expensive than reupholstering a chair.  


Create Focal Points

Tell a little story of who we are and where we've been by creating a focal point in a room. Whether it is a gallery wall, a quirky piece of furniture or statement wallpaper, eye-catching elements are a perfect way to share a little bit of your personality. 


Mix Things Up


Combine different elements from different styles and periods. Modern lighting mixed together with global or handmade finds and vintage artwork creates a curated, but not too precious vibe. 


Buy What you Love

You'll never regret investing in the things you love. I've been regretful about "it will work for now decisions" but have never been upset with myself about splurging on a beautiful ceramic or a mirror that ends up making the room. 

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