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Online Bedroom Decorating Made Easy

JULY 20, 2016

Most people spend more time in their bedrooms than in any other rooms in their homes.  We sleep, dress and sometimes decompress in our bedrooms.  This is an important place for everyone for many reasons, and that’s all the more reason to make sure that it’s feels like an escape in terms of how it looks and how it works.  Many people consider the idea of doing some bedroom decorating, but nearly as many people do not get started because they are simply unfamiliar with the process, concerned about the time it will require and even more concerned about the potential cost.  None of those concerns should be present when you work with Decorist.  Below are just a few ideas regarding bedroom decorating and how Decorist makes this easy.


Keep It Simple

While we obviously want to add more than a bed and a dresser to our bedrooms, there’s no reason to go overboard and add an enormous number of pieces or a overly complex layout or décor.  After all, most of our time spent in the bedroom is in the dark.  All designers at Decorist are  experienced professionals who can help you identify a style for your online bedroom decorating project and we can help you stick with that style as you go through the design process.  


Keep It Functional

Above all, the most important factor in any bedroom is comfort.  If you’re going to add a new bed, make sure you and anyone else who uses it is going to be happy with it.  If you’re going to add pieces like a dresser or a bench bench, make sure it’s at the correct height for those who will be putting their clothes on in the morning.  Make sure that everything you’re going to use in the bedroom is going to be used frequently and easily. 


Keep It Affordable

For those of you out there who enjoy looking for vintage pieces of furniture in flea markets and antique stores, you now get to put those hunting skills to good use for your online bedroom decorating project. Old dressers, old dressing tables, old nightstands and the like can easily be refurbished, cleaned up and transformed to add a bit of unique style to a bedroom. The best part is that for the good hunter, these pieces are also extremely affordable.


Keep It Fun

Finally, if you’re concerned about how all of this is going to go, particularly if you have not done any bedroom decorating in the past, all you need to do is work with Decorist. We will pair you with a dedicated professional decorator who will take your ideas, help you maximize your budget and design you the bedroom you've always wanted.  Go ahead and get started – before you know it your bedroom decorating project that you’ve been dreaming about will actually be a reality.

Beautiful interior design.

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