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Step Inside Leandra Medine's Soho Apartment

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
Photo credit: Heidi's Bridge

Leandra Medine, founder of humorous and innovative fashion and lifestyle website Man Repeller, has a confident sense of fashion that incorporates an eclectic mix of high-end designer looks with a downtown New York vibe. When it came to decorating her new SoHo apartment, however, she needed a little help mastering the mix.

Leandra was also under a major time crunch, with the imminent arrival of her twin girls. She needed a fast, easy way to go from only having a bed in her spacious new apartment to a place where she could raise her children. Needless to say, Decorist was the perfect solution!

In came Celebrity designers Consort, with their edgy yet classic look, to help pull together Leandra's living room, dining area, and master bedroom. They teamed with Bed Bath & Beyond to create a cool Scandinavian-inspired design. Then, with only two and a half months until Leandra's babies were due, Decorist Creative Director Jessica McCarthy and buybuy BABY stepped in to design Leandra's dream nursery.

As with fashion, the way you decorate your home expresses your true personality. So today, step inside Leandra's home to see how her fun personality helped drive the vision for her colorful and livable New York apartment.

Also, you can read more about this design project featured in this month's issue of Architectural Digest!

Dining Area

When the elevator door opens to the 2nd floor and you immediately walk through the front door of Leandra's SoHo loft-like apartment, it's the dining area that first catches your eye with its amazing show-stopping light fixture and bold accent wall.

Image via Sean Litchfield

The whimisical wallpaper was designed by an artist friend of Leandra's in collaboration with Work + Sea. Consort choose more muted Scandinavian-inspired furniture and accessories from Bed Bath & Beyond like the black dining table and gray wooden chairs to play off of the vibrant wallpaper. They also installed an oversize round mirror above the credenza that serves as the perfect selfie spot for Leandra's hilarious Instagram feed! 

Image via Sean Litchfield

The window seat with custom fabric from Consort Home and a mix of pillows for the Magnolia Home line at Bed Bath & Beyond acts as a cozy moment in the dining area.

Image via Sean Litchfield

A modern concrete console table sits next to the front door which serves as the perfect "catch-all" spot for house keys, sunglasses, cell phones, and more.

Image via Sean Litchfield

Living Room

In the living room Leandra didn’t have a distinct layout in mind, but she did have a clear view of what she liked and how she wanted the space to function in her home. Leandra wanted her living room to be family friendly and to facilitate entertaining; "I wanted the vibe of my place to be intoxicating in that way that you just want to immerse yourself in its space because it is such an eye feast, but also functional and utilitarian and poised to entertain—both my friends and my kids," she tells us.

Image via Sean Litchfield

Consort created a fresh Scandinavian look and turned the once-empty living room into a space perfect for entertaining, working and relaxing. The stylish furnishings from Bed Bath & Beyond mixed with the playful artwork provides a fresh bright pop of color against the more neutral minimal palette.

Image via Sean Litchfield

The rounded edges in the living room are perfect for little kids. The soft faux fur ottomans are also great for extra seating.  While the luxe velvet accent chairs are not only super stylish but also durable as well. The modern, funky design of the living room embraces Leandra's playful side.

Image via Sean Litchfield

Leandra needed a spot where she or her husband could set-up their laptop and work from home. Consort added a vibrant red desk and chair with wooden accents that pairs perfectly with Leandra's playful artwork. To create contrast, they added monochrome accessories such as pottery and greenery.

Image via Sean Litchfield

Master Bedroom 

Leandra and her husband sought a modern, cozy vibe in their master bedroom. They knew they wanted soft muted colors and plenty of space for Leandra's incredible clothing collection.

Image via Sean Litchfield

A white, gray and cream color palette with pops of blush dominate the bedroom. Consort added some texture with the faux-fur and lucite bench, a white leather chair opposite the bed and velvet euro pillows.

Image via Sean Litchfield

The wood and metal nightstands paired with the black round globe lamps add to the minimal vibe of the room. The dresser with the rounded metal mirror above complements the overall asethetic.

Image via Sean Litchfield

Of course, living in a New York City apartment means storage is always an issue. California Closets helped Leandra maximize her space by creating additional storage that even Imelda Marcos would appreciate!

Image via Heidi's Bridge

Feeling inspired and want to capture your own Scandivian look? Start a Decorist design service today to transform your home. It's the easy and affordable way to make your home look beautiful and feel uniquely yours.

Now stay tuned for all the details from Leandra's adorable nursey design, coming soon!




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